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Travel Health

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Travelling With Raynauds

It is understandable that some people might be wary of visiting certain destinations or feel unsure as to what preparations may be needed for a worry-free trip

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A Guide To The Cost Of Medical Treatment Abroad

Unsure if you require medical travel insurance? Find out the most expensive areas to receive medical treatment and the true cost of getting ill abroad.

MTC Coping With Stress

Coping With Stress And Anxiety When Flying

The thought of flying causes heightened levels of stress and anxiety that can be hard to overcome. Here are our top tips that might help you cope..


Travelling With Arthritis

If you are living with arthritis, the very idea of the discomfort you might have to endure can be enough to put you off making those travel plans.

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Travelling With Vasculitis And Vascular Disease

Research the location of your accommodation in advance so you can work out how easy it is to get around & how close you will be to medical facilities.

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Why It's Best To Stay Clear Of Tap Water Abroad

Drinking water abroad how safe is it and if you can purify tap water? The importance of medical travel insurance.