How we work

How we work

And how we can help you

We work hard to ensure that we have a wide selection of medical travel insurance products for you to compare. Only specialist travel insurers are eligible to sit on our panel, so we’re confident that no matter your age, destination or type of medical condition, we should be able to assist in finding cover that meets your individual needs.

How it works

We’ll ask you for details of your trip, what cover you need and the details of your travelling companions. You’ll then be able to safely and securely declare any pre-existing medical conditions using our sophisticated online screening tool – no need to call a provider or declare your condition in writing – it’s really that easy!

We’ll ask you to enter your details only once and then we’ll share these with our panel of over 40 specialist providers. You’ll then be able to compare the prices and features of each policy, and can even filter your quotes, making it easier to find the cover that is right for you!

And don’t worry If you need to think about your decision, we’ll send you an email with your top quotes. You can then revisit your quotes within 28 days without needing to enter in all your details again (however, prices are live and are subject to change).

Once you’ve chosen the policy that is right for you, we’ll transfer you directly to the insurance provider. There you will be able to confirm your details and make a secure payment. Your chosen provider will send all your policy documentation directly to you.

There may be instances where none of our insurance providers can offer cover, if this is the case, then please do contact us and we can see if there’s anything we can do help you find a quote.

How do we make money?

You may be wondering how we make money by providing this service. Once you’ve chosen the product that’s right for you, the insurance provider you’ve chosen will pay us a commission. This commission is a percentage of the cost of the insurance policy. We aren’t owned by any insurance companies (or have any favourites) so the commission we receive doesn’t influence the providers we display.

These are the terms and conditions which apply to our service and your use of this website. Please read them carefully.

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