Expert Travel Insurance Tips

One of the many benefits of travel insurance is having cancellation cover, and if you’re offered a policy that does not include it.

Travelling Companions

Being insured on the same specialist travel insurance policy as your travelling companions when you have existing medical conditions has many advantages…

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Do's and Don'ts

Holiday preparations can be hectic, but you should never forget travel insurance. Here’s a do and don't list every traveller can use.

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Using the EHIC

Using the European Health Card, what is and isn't covered? Compare medical travel insurance to ensure you are fully protected when you travel

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Money Saving Tips

Tips for finding the best deals and saving money on your travel insurance when you live with pre-existing medical conditions. Find cheap cover now!

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Winter Sports Cover

Purchasing Winter Sports Cover, ski insurance for cover with pre-existing medical conditions, why you should have it if planning a winter sports trip

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Three Important Numbers...

The Three Important Numbers To Remember when planning to travel abroad, British consular & medical assistance number of your travel insurance provider

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