Three Important Numbers...

Three Important Numbers...

Ok, so your holidays are booked, you’ve packed the sun cream and the flip flops and you’re now ready for the beach. But aside from your passport and travel documents, there are three important numbers you need to keep handy, should you need them while you’re away.

1. Travel insurance emergency medical assistance line

When you purchase medical travel insurance, you will be provided with an emergency medical assistance phone number.  You should carry this with you at all times whilst you are away. Your travel insurance policy provides access to medical support on this number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can help you get the medical treatment you need quickly as well as authorising treatment and confirming your travel insurance cover to the local hospital.

 2. Travelling to the EU? 112 is the magic number!

If you are in any EU member state, instead of dialling 999 as you would in this country to reach the emergency services such as the police, fire or ambulance, you can dial 112 to be connected to the appropriate local emergency service. 112 is the number to reach the emergency services anywhere within the EU from a telephone or mobile in any EU member state. This universal emergency contact number was created by the European Commission to give easy access to people travelling within the European Union.

 3. British consular assistance support team

The other number you should take with you when you travel is the British Consular Assistance Team. The Consular Service will be able to provide assistance for lost passports and help contact friends or family in the event that you are hospitalised abroad or become a victim of crime. Call them 020 7008 1500 (+44 20 7008 1500 from abroad). Keep the numbers with you whilst on holiday; we hope you never need them but if you did, at least you would be prepared. 

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