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70% Of Brits Never Check If They Are ATOL Protected

ATOL ProtectionWe all have our own pre-holiday checklists that we run through in our minds as we rush out the door. Do you have your passports, boarding passes and travel insurance documents? Is the back door locked, lights all off and have you arranged for someone to feed the cat? 

All may seem in order as you head off into the sunset, yet there is one common mistake that that many of us make – and it could cost you thousands of pounds. 

According to ATOL, a whopping 70% of holidaymakers never check to see whether their holiday is protected by the licence. Without it, travellers who book with a holiday firm that goes bust while abroad risk leaving themselves stranded, out of pocket and with no hope of a refund. 

Many people think that this scenario couldn’t happen to them, because after all, how common could such a holiday calamity be? Well, given that over 316,000 tourists have been reimbursed by ATOL since 2010, it happens more often than you might think. 

In fact, almost half of travellers (46%) reported having experienced difficulty abroad and the scheme itself has forked out a huge £14.7 million in the last year alone. 

Andy Cohoen, Head of ATOL, explains that it’s easy to find out whether you’re protected – just pop your holiday details into their website and voila! However, there is more to it than just looking for the logo, so be sure to bring your ATOL certificate and to treat it as an essential travel document. 

Of course, ATOL doesn’t protect you from everything and it can’t replace an insurance plan tailored to your trip and your health requirements, so why not travel with peace of mind by finding a competitive travel insurance quote with Medical Travel Compared today?