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BA Strike Action Could Put Thousands Of Holidays On Hold

Does Travel Insurance Cover Strike And Industrial Action

We all hope that our holidays will run without a hitch; however, if you’ve booked flights with British Airways for this year’s trip, you might find yourself facing problems before you’ve even left the country. 

As the BBC reports, BA cabin crew have planned another two weeks of strikes as part of an ongoing dispute surrounding wages and benefits. So-called mixed fleet cabin crew, who earn less than longer-serving employees, will stage a walk out called by the Unite union on 19th July; just three days after the end of the present 16-day strike and right at the start of the school holidays – one of the busiest flight times of the year.

The strike is predicted to affect one in every 200 flights, though BA has said it will still be running 99.5% of its fleet.

BA is seeking to minimise cancellations and disruptions to travellers by leasing planes and crew from Qatar Airways. Unite reacted to this news, explaining: “The time and money British Airways is spending on wet leasing aircraft and bullying staff cabin crew could easily settle this dispute.”

Needless to say, if you’ve booked a BA flight, you may be concerned by these strikes. Hopefully, with the airline claiming that 99.5% of flights will operate as normal, the start of your holiday won’t be marred by too many delays or cancellations. 

But this fresh round of strikes reminds us, once again, of the importance of having high quality travel insurance. Most policies include cover for delays provided you have checked-in; often, you can claim once your flight has been postponed by a number of hours, typically 12. 

And whilst you may not be able to claim for a cancelled flight, you may be able to recoup losses incurred by missed hotel stays or car hire reservations, depending on the level of cover you have in place.

Read more about your entitlements with regards to strike and industrial action or visit our website for a quick and easy travel insurance quote on your travel insurance today.


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