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New Lie Detector Kiosks To Cut Down Airport Waiting Time

Everyone loves to go on holiday. Spending hours in the airport security queue however? Not so much.

Yet, new lie-detecting tech could soon be making its way to an airport near you and, hopefully, cutting down waiting time to just FOUR minutes.

According to the Express, the innovative kiosks couldn’t be coming at a better time. With terrorism on the rise and security getting ever tighter, airport security seems to be taking longer and longer. In fact, earlier this year, thousands of holidaymakers coming home from Palma missed their flights due to long queues at security.

So how do the kiosks work? The new AI-driven tech was created by Missouri’s University of Science and Technology, with the intention of monitoring travellers as they pass through border control. 

Once the traveller is all hooked up to the machinery, the kiosk will ask them questions like “Have you ever been arrested?” Then, the machine will measure and analyse pupil dilation and voice pitch – two key indicators of whether someone is lying. But don’t fret if you’re a nervous flyer – so long as you’re not lying, you’ll be able to breeze on through.

Dr Nathan Twyman, assistant professor at the University, commented that he hoped the tech would cut out subjective problems and speed up waiting times for passengers.  

He explained that in addition to weeding out sweating security threats, the machine will work better than its human counterparts. “It's not going to get tired,” he said. “It's not going to make mistakes because it's ready to go on a break. It's a lot better than a human solution. Humans are really bad at risk assessment, as it turns out."

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