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Getting Travel Insurance with Asthma

As common as asthma is in the UK, it’s not something you should forget to tell your travel insurer about. If you have EVER received a diagnosis of asthma or any other type of respiratory condition, it’s wise to buy a policy that includes cover for pre-existing medical conditions to avoid any shocks should you need to make a claim. Standard holiday insurance tends to exclude cover for asthma and without adequate cover, you run the risk of being out of pocket should you develop any respiratory related complications before or during your trip.

What Does Travel Insurance for Asthma Cover?

If anything were to trigger an asthma attack whilst on holiday, or should your inhalers become lost or stolen, providing you have taken out an asthma travel insurance policy, you should be able to access a 24 hour emergency medical assistance line from abroad and claim for unplanned medical treatment and the cost of replacement medication. Should you be deemed unfit to fly or travel due to breathing difficulties before your departure date, you will also be entitled to claim for holiday cancellation. *Insurers’ terms conditions will vary, so do check the cover limits of the policy you intend to purchase.

Travel Insurance for Children with Asthma

It’s common for children, particularly under the age of five, who have asthmatic symptoms not to be given a confirmed diagnosis of asthma. This is because young children’s’ airways can become irritated easily by viruses, making it hard for doctors to confirm asthma. This can cause difficulty for parents when applying for asthma travel insurance as undiagnosed conditions cannot be covered. However, there is a way around this. Check the exact medical term stated on your child’s medical records. It often tends to be ‘Viral induced wheeze’ also known as ‘RSV Bronchiolitis’ or ‘Respiratory Syncytial Viral Bronchiolitis’ – if this is the case, simply disclose the medical term to obtain cover.

Asthma Travel Insurance Made Easy – Compare Quotes Right Here!

Comparing travel insurance that covers asthma and respiratory conditions is easy with Use our in-built medical screening system to declare your medical conditions just one time. You will be asked some relevant questions and the answers you provide allow us to assess you current health situation. We will then search our panel and list suitable asthma holiday insurance options in price order for you to review. Often, if asthma is mild and well controlled the insurers on our panel will not charge you any extra to cover it!

If you require information and advice about air travel and asthma triggers, you may find this article about ‘Travelling with Asthma’ produced by the NHS helpful, or you can visit Asthma UK.

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