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Whether you’re planning a holiday during a treatment break or perhaps you’re looking for travel insurance that will cover you after having breast cancer, our comparison tool is designed to help you find a solution at a fair and competitive price!

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Breast Cancer Travel Insurance Guide

If you’ve had a diagnosis of breast cancer, this is something you should mention to your travel insurer to ensure that you do not invalidate your policy. Typically, breast cancer is not something that is automatically covered and insurers will want to know if you have EVER had a diagnosis, even if it was years ago. This does not mean to say that you will be declined cover or even charged more. In our experience, it all depends on the stage of your breast cancer and current treatment regime when you apply.

How Much Does Travel Insurance For Breast Cancer Cost?

Insurers will want to assess your current health situation in order provide a quote that offers the right level of cover for you individual circumstance, and because everyone is different, there is no set price for breast cancer travel insurance, and prices will vary from person to person. There are certain factors that will increase the premium like having a recent diagnosis, a spread beyond the breast and if there is any planned treatment, but over time, if surgery and/or treatment are complete and as you need to see your doctor less and less, often premiums begin to decrease.  Where you intend to travel to can also make a big difference to the cost of insurance. Read our Travel Insurance Destinations Guide for further information. 

  • You can declare breast cancer using our in-built medical screening facility right here online – it’s really simply and only takes a few minutes, and if you get stuck, you can always call us.

I’m Currently Having Treatment Can I Get Cover?

Taking hormonal treatment like Tamoxifen tablets or Herceptin is common and should not affect you being accepted for cover, but being on Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy can be a bit trickier. That said, providing your doctor is happy for you to travel and you are planning to take your trip during an break in treatment, then it is certainly possible to get to cover. However, under these circumstances we’ve found that insurers are more willing to offer cover when travelling to areas within Europe as opposed to further afield destinations such as USA, Canada and the Caribbean. It's unlikley that Annual Multi-Trip insurance that includes cover for breast cancer will be available whilst treatment is planned, and insurers much prefer to offer single trip cover until medical conditions are fully stable. There are also cover restrictions that you need to be aware of, such as no or limited cancellation and curtailment cover if you receive an appointment or treatment which conflicts with your planned trip, or as a result of the awaited treatment or investigation you become unable to travel.

Travel Insurance After Breast Cancer

If you’re treatment is finished and you’ve been given the all clear, you’re probably questioning why you still need to declare breast cancer and if you even need take out cover for a condition you no longer have? Firstly, if you’re cancer was diagnosed 3 plus years ago with no secondary’s, and you’re not taking any cancer related treatment whatsoever, nor have you seen a doctor about the cancer in the last 12 months, then it’s unlikely that the travel insurance providers on our panel will increase their premiums. However they will still include cover for breast cancer which is a great benefit! Having a breast cancer travel insurance policy means that in the unlikely event that cancer reoccurs, or you need to make a medical claim that indirectly relates to cancer or the treatment you once had for it, i.e. brittle bones or lymphedema, you will be covered and can travel with peace of mind knowing there that are no gaps in your insurance.

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