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Whether you’re currently living with cancer or received treatment in the past, we aim to help you find a suitable travel insurance solution. Simply click the quote below and enter your details. We will then search over 40 providers for the best available quotes. 

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Cancer Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance for cancer is designed to protect you should cancer or the medications you take for it cause you any problems on holiday. It can cover you if have to cancel your trip, require emergency medical attention abroad and the costs to get you home. We urge travelling companions to be insured on the same specialist policy so that they too can claim if their holiday plans are affected.

Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

We work with travel insurers that specialise in covering pre-existing medical conditions and many offer cover to cancer patients. It can be difficult and more expensive to obtain cover when you’re undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy and it if you are struggling to get accepted for cover, you may find it easier to apply once you have finished treatment.

I No Longer Have Cancer – Do I Still Need to Declare it?

The answer to this question is yes.  Most insurers require you to tell them if you have EVER had a cancerous condition. However, just because you are declaring cancer does not mean that your premium will automatically be loaded. When applying, you will be able to disclose what type of cancer you had and how long ago it was etc. The insurer will then take this information into account when giving you a quote. If they feel there is absolutely no risk of you claiming due your history of cancer, you won’t be charged extra.

Medical Screening for Cancer

Apply for travel insurance with cancer using our online medical system. Here you will be asked questions about the specific type of cancer you’ve been diagnosed with.  If your cancer has spread to any other areas of the body, make sure to declare the primary cancer (where it started) first. You will then be guided through the medical screening process accordingly, leading to questions about the secondary.  You may also be asked if you take strong painkillers. This refers to patches, Tramadol and anything Morphine based – if you’re not sure, please consult your doctor. It’s important you answer these questions correctly so that you can be issued with a policy that covers you properly.

Travelling with Cancer – Getting Advice

Before booking a trip it’s wise to confirm with your doctor that you’re fit to travel.  This article about Travelling with Cancer on the NHS website offers helpful information about air travel and things to consider such as vaccinations and travelling with medication.  

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