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Diabetes Travel Insurance Guide

Whether you live with Diabetes type 1 or 2, this condition will need to be disclosed when applying for travel insurance. This is because diabetes is classed as a pre-existing medical condition and not something that insurers automatically provide cover for.

It’s not compulsory to buy a diabetic travel insurance policy, but you must be aware that standard cover is unlikely to protect you should your diabetes cause a problem whilst on holiday.

What Does Diabetes Travel Insurance Cover?

If you were to lose your medication or other prescribed drugs that you rely on to keep your condition stable, what would you do?

With an insurance policy that includes cover for diabetes, it’s possible to claim for lost or stolen medication so you can continue with your holiday with little disruption.

The cancellation and emergency medical assistance section of the policy will also extend to unplanned complications of diabetes, allowing you to claim for out of pocket expenses if you’re unfit to travel or require hospital treatment abroad (terms and conditions vary).

Diabetic travel insurance can also cover your flights, in case you miss your flight because of your condition – it’s a good idea to check that your insurance covers this.

Similarly, we would advise you to make sure any travelling companions are covered within your policy so that they’re covered too should you become ill during your trip.

Travel Insurance for Diabetics (Type 1)

Specialist travel insurance for type 1 diabetes is available from multiple insurers. And you can find a great deal with Medical Travel Compared.

Type 1 diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce any insulin, which is used to regulate blood glucose levels. It often requires regular insulin injections.

Although only around 10% of people with diabetes have been diagnosed with Type 1 – we feel it’s important to ensure everyone has access to good travel insurance.

There’s no reason as to why having type 1 diabetes should prevent you from travelling, and enjoying holidays. You just have to make sure you’re well prepared.

It will need to be disclosed on your insurance forms – but travel insurance for type 1 diabetics is available, and will put your mind at ease.

Travel Insurance for Diabetics (Type 2)

Also available is travel insurance for type 2 diabetes. Medical Travel Compared can find you a range of different options – from which you can choose a plan suitable for you.

Type 2 diabetes is a little different to Type 1. Your body still produces insulin, but not quite as much as it needs. It doesn’t typically require daily injections, but if the condition worsens over time, tablets are often prescribed by a doctor.

As with Type 1, Type 2 diabetes shouldn’t prevent you from travelling. It is a lot more common than Type 1, so there are plenty of options for Type 2 diabetes travel insurance out there.

Diabetes Travel Insurance Medical Screening Tips

Diabetes can come with many associated medical conditions, such as poor circulation, leg and foot ulcers, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

And when declaring diabetes online using our medical screening system, it’s important that you don’t forget to tell us about all of your past and present conditions in order to be presented with diabetic travel insurance quotes that will cover you properly.

What’s even more crucial is making sure you’re well prepared for your trip.

As a diabetic, the number one thing you should do is ensure you have enough insulin – or whatever medication you’re taking – to last the entire time you’re away from home.

Cheap Travel Insurance for Diabetics

Diabetes travel insurance is not mandatory – but without it, any issues that arise due to your condition will not be covered in your policy.

You should never base your decision to buy travel insurance on price alone but on the level of cover it provides.

That said, accepting the first quote you’re given or buying through your travel agent may not be the cheapest.

Here at you can compare cover in 3 easy steps to find cover that meets your needs at a cheap rate. In many instances, if diabetes is well controlled, we can find you cover at no extra cost.

Travelling with Diabetes – Getting Advice

If you’re concerned in anyway about how your diabetes or the medication prescribed might affect your holiday, ask your doctor for advice before you book your trip. You may also find this information page on ‘Travelling with Diabetes’ by the NHS helpful.

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