Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

Angina, Heart Attack, Irregular Heartbeat, Cardiomyopathy, whatever your heart condition, we’re here to help you find suitable travel insurance at a competitive rate!  Submit your details just once to compare quotes from multiple travel insurers

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Heart Condition Travel Insurance Guide

If your Doctor says you’re fit to travel, then there’s no reason why your heart condition should stop you from enjoying a relaxing holiday.  We work with lots of specialist travel insurance providers who can cover all types of heart conditions, so you can take a break with peace of mind, knowing that if you did face a heart related emergency abroad, help is never far away. 

Why Travel Insurance for Heart Conditions is Important

Not only can treatment for heart conditions be expensive abroad, if you did become unwell, it could be an emergency situation.  The cost of ambulances, hospital admissions, treatment and flights home at a later date can all be covered. And if you happen to be in a location where the standard of healthcare is not suitable, it may be necessary to transport you to another hospital, so having travel insurance that will respond when you need it most is vital! 

Medical Screening for Heart Conditions

Use our online medical screening system to declare your specific heart condition. You will be asked to answer a few questions about how your heart condition affects you, what treatment you have received and the amount of medicines you are prescribed. The process only takes a few minutes and you will only have to complete it once. We will then search our panel of insurers to list suitable cover options in price order.  It’s important that you answer the questions accurately to be provided with a travel insurance policy that covers you properly.

Heart Condition Travel Insurance – Tips

If you’re under investigation or awaiting heart surgery, such as a heart bypass, ablation, or pacemaker, you will find insurers reluctant to offer cover. It’s far easier to get accepted for travel insurance once surgery is complete. The reason being, that surgery is likely to improve your condition and reduce the risk of you having to cancel the holiday or being unwell abroad.

You may also find travel insurance is cheaper to obtain six weeks after surgery. However, if you’ve got a holiday booked, you will need to way up the pros and cons of waiting to take out cover.  The sooner you take out insurance, the sooner the money you have paid out for flights and deposits will be protected in case you have to cancel the trip (terms and conditions vary).

* You may also find this article, Travelling with a Heart Condition, written by the British Heart Foundation helpful.