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Travel Insurance with High Blood Pressure

Finding suitable travel cover for high blood pressure can be a stressful exercise even of itself - which is why we’re making it easier for customers to shop around.

There’s no need to bounce from website to website to try and compare different quotes when you can come straight to us!

We help you find fast, competitive quotes for specialist high blood pressure travel insurance - and you can compare across over 40 leading insurance providers. Come and explore your options today!

Why do I need to declare my high blood pressure for holiday insurance?

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, then you should always declare it when getting quotes for travel insurance with us.

It’s a simple part of our straightforward online form - and it helps us match you to the most relevant providers for your particular circumstances.

Once you’ve declared high blood pressure, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of competitive quotes for specialist high blood pressure cover.

Having the right level of cover is an absolute must when you have high blood pressure. It gives you peace of mind and alleviates that feeling of doubt or worry that you might need to pay a price if things go wrong.

So, all the more reason to get it sorted! Our quick and easy price comparison tool is the perfect place to start...

Getting the right travel insurance with high blood pressure

Getting the right travel insurance with high blood pressure is very quick and easy with us.

We work with all the best providers - so you can rest assured that you’ll end up with a policy from a reputable source, with suitable cover in place to protect you on your trip.

With a list of quotes for high blood pressure travel insurance available to you as soon as you complete the online form, all you need to do is compare.

It literally takes 5 minutes.

Shopping around has never been easier!

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Key features of our travel insurance comparison for high blood pressure

The great thing about our online comparison tool is that it’s built on understanding your medical history to help you find the most suitable travel insurance option for you - with quotes across several leading providers in seconds.

Once you declare high blood pressure as a condition, it’s likely you’ll need to answer a few questions. The level of these questions will depend on the nature of your specific condition.

This feature enables us to return quotes from providers who actually offer the cover you need.

Why choose Medical Travel Compared?

So, you know our process is fast, simple and convenient - but why else should you choose Medical Travel Compared?

When it comes to medical conditions - high blood pressure is one of thousands of conditions you could get covered for through us. If you need to add any other related conditions to your quote - you can do so just as easily.

We work with over 40 specialist insurance providers - including the likes of Legal & General, More Than, Virgin Money and Admiral.

These are all leading providers with a great track record when it comes to specialist medical travel insurance - and all you need to do to access them is to complete our simple online form in minutes.

What’s covered?

Besides getting the level of specialist coverage included for high blood pressure travel insurance, there are a few basic things you’ll need to look out for in a policy.

This includes cancellation and curtailment cover, personal liability, travel delay and of course - an acceptable limit included for medical expenses and repatriation.

Costs of high blood pressure travel insurance

The base rate for a standard travel insurance policy is normally calculated based on the following:

  • Age
  • Destination
  • Duration of stay

These all have their own bearing on the cost of a policy - but once you add specialist high blood pressure coverage on top of that, your premium is likely to increase to cater for the additional medical cover you might need should you be taken ill during your trip.

The cost is also likely to vary from provider to provider - which you’ll see when comparing quotes.

Single trip travel insurance with high blood pressure

The cost will also be influenced by the type of policy you choose to purchase.

Single trip insurance is the best type of policy for those who only go abroad once or twice a year. When planning a single trip in this case - it’s best to get quotes for single trip travel insurance including cover for high blood pressure.

At least then you know you’re fully covered in the event of needing medical attention for your condition during your holiday.

Annual travel insurance with high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure AND you tend to travel multiple times per year - annual travel insurance is probably a better option.

It could save money in the long-term - and also saves you the trouble of taking out a single trip policy every time you go abroad.

If you know exactly what type of policy you need to select for high blood pressure travel insurance - you may as well explore your options and get a quote today…

Customer questions

We appreciate that this might be a lot to take in - so we welcome any further questions you might have regarding travel insurance for high blood pressure.

You can get in touch at any time that’s convenient to you - or, alternatively, see our high blood pressure travel insurance FAQs below.

Is high blood pressure a pre-existing medical condition?

As long as you have been formally diagnosed by a doctor - yes, high blood pressure qualifies as a pre-existing medical condition. And, you should definitely declare it when taking out travel insurance.

Can I declare other conditions with travel insurance for high blood pressure?

We appreciate that high blood pressure is related to a number of other conditions. It’s also likely that you may need to declare all other pre-existing conditions.

This includes things like high cholesterol and cardiac diseases.

Medical Screening for High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

When applying for travel insurance to cover high blood pressure, you will need to complete a medical screening. You can do this right here on Medical Travel Compared.

Our online quoting system is designed to guide you through this process and allows you to disclose information about your medical conditions quickly and easily.

For further information about living with high blood pressure, visit Blood Pressure UK.

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