High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

If you're travelling with hypertension or have been prescribed precautionary medication to keep high blood pressure at bay, it’s important to take out a travel insurance policy that will cover you properly. Use our comparison tool to find suitable cover at a competitive price!

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Travel Insurance with High Blood Pressure

People often assume if blood pressure is ‘normal’ and controlled with medication that you do not need to tell your travel insurer. However, irrespective of whether your blood pressure reading is normal or not, if you have been diagnosed with hypertension or prescribed preventative medication for it, you will need to disclose it when applying for travel insurance. Failing to mention and obtain cover for high blood pressure could result in an invalid policy and not being able to claim for out of pocket expenses should you fall ill abroad.

Why Compare Travel Insurance For High Blood Pressure?

Accepting the first quote you're given may not be the best or cheapest solution for your circumstance. Shopping around is the best way to save money, but phoning insurer after insurer or spending time declaring your pre-existing conditions on lots of different websites can be frustrating and time consuming. With MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk you only have to submit you details once to be able to compare quotes from several insurance providers all in one place. Better still, if your high blood pressure is well managed, the specialist insurers on our panel won’t load the price or charge you an additional premium!

How High Blood Pressure Can Affect The Price of Travel Insurance

The price of medical travel insurance is based on a person’s current health status, so if you have recently been diagnosed with hypertension or had a recent change in medication, there may be an additional cost. Having other medical conditions associated with high blood pressure such as stroke, tia, heart attack, angina and diabetes can also generate higher premiums. Apart from medical conditions, your age, where you intend to travel to and for how long also influence the price.  Take a look at our Travel Insurance Destinations Guide  to see how different countries can affect the cost of travel insurance when you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Medical Screening for High Blood Pressure Travel Insurance

When applying for travel insurance to cover high blood pressure, you will need to complete a medical screening. You can do this right here on MedicalTravelCompared.co.uk. Our online quoting system is designed to guide you through this process and allows you to disclose information about your medical conditions quickly and easily.

For further information about living with high blood pressure, visit Blood Pressure UK