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If you’re looking for travel insurance that includes cover for HIV, then you’re in the right place!  You can compare quotes from over 40 HIV understanding travel insurers right here online. All information is confidential and if you choose to buy a policy, your documents will be emailed directly to you. 

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HIV Travel Insurance Guide

If you’re worried about being penalised for having HIV, don’t be. The insurers that we feature on Medical Travel Compared don’t view the condition as high risk providing it’s well-managed, and will often include cover for it without loading the premium.

Why Buy Travel Insurance For HIV?

HIV is classed as a pre-existing medical condition by travel insurers. This is because it’s a condition that requires ongoing prescribed medication with antiviral drugs and routine appointments to check viral load and CD4 count. Therefore, it’s important to declare so not to invalidate the policy. Apart from complying with insurers’ terms and conditions, having a travel insurance policy that includes cover for HIV ultimately means that you will be protected if you become unwell, or face any HIV related complications before or during your trip, such as having to cancel, receive unplanned treatment abroad or losing your medication.

Applying For HIV Travel Insurance

You will be required to complete a medical screening and answer some multiple choice questions about HIV. The process is very brief, and it helps insurers to assess your current health status and establish the level of cover you require. Here’s what you will be asked

1: In the last three months have you started a new antiviral drug or is a new drug planned?
2: What is your latest CD4 count?
3: If you have been on antiviral treatment for more than three months, what is your latest viral load?
4: Have you been advised to start antiviral treatment but chosen not to?

Recently Diagnosed With HIV?

If you’ve only just been diagnosed, then you may not have started antiviral treatment, but this ok as you will be given the opportunity to say if treatment is planned when you apply. You do need to state what your latest CD4 is count is, and if you don’t know, or haven’t had a test, you will need to visit your doctor and get this confirmed prior to applying for HIV travel insurance.

Can HIV Affect The Premium?

Having a high viral load or low CD4 count can increase the premium. You may also find that travel insurance for HIV is more expensive if you’ve recently been diagnosed. Generally, once you’ve been taking medication for more than three months, and the condition is stable, travel insurance premiums are lower. However, if you have been advised to start antiviral treatment but have chosen not to, insurers will decline cover.

You can compare quotes for single and annual HIV travel insurance right here online or if you would like to speak to a trained operator, please give us a call! 

For advice and information about travelling with HIV you can visit the Terrence Higgins Trust.

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