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Need cover for lupus but not sure where to turn or how to find the best price? Look no further, here at Medical Travel Compared, we take the hassle out of finding cover by searching over 40 specialist insurers all in one place. Compare policies that include cover for lupus and buy right here online – it couldn’t be easier! 

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Lupus Travel Insurance Guide

Being a specialist travel insurance comparison website for people with medical conditions, we totally understand that lupus is by a far a clear-cut condition and that symptoms of this autoimmune disorder can manifest itself in many different ways, and just as lupus rarely affects two people in exactly the same way, this is also true when it comes to buying travel insurance for lupus. There are no set prices when it comes to covering lupus, and it really depends on your own individual circumstances to what premiums insurers will charge. One thing is for certain though; having a policy in place that will cover you should you fall ill due to lupus could save you hundreds of pounds!

Travel Insurance for Lupus – Getting Covered

In order for insurers to assess the level of cover you require, you will need to complete a process called ‘Medical Screening’. This is simply a set of multiple choice questions specific to your medical conditions. You can use our in-built medical screening tool to declare discoid or systemic lupus and any associated conditions (if you have any) such as Anti-phospholipid Syndrome (sticky blood), Kidney Damage and Hypertension. Insurers will then make the decision to offer a quote based on your current health at the time of application and how lupus personally affects you, as well as taking into consideration your travel plans, such as where you’re travelling to and for how long.

Do be aware, if you fail to inform your insurer about your pre existing conditions, you are unlikely to be able to claim should you face any complications in relation to them and you could even invalidate your policy altogether. 

Is Lupus Travel Insurance Expensive?

Not necessarily! In our experience, if lupus is stable and well managed with no other medical conditions, getting travel insurance can be easy to obtain and may not cost any more than you would pay for a standard policy with a high street insurer. Lupus travel insurance premiums do tend to increase however if you have other medical complications, and travelling to destinations that operate a high level of privatised healthcare such as the USA, Canada, Spain, Canaries Islands and Malta for example, can also affect the cost. If you’re having difficulty obtaining cover, please call our helpline where a member of the Medical Travel Compared team will investigate your case.

Travel Insurance With Lupus – Choosing The Right Policy

Once you have submitted your details, we will list policies that meet your criteria in price order; however, we are the first to say price is not everything! Comparing cover limits and excess amounts should be of high priority and is the best way to ensure you get value for money. Alongside each quote, we clearly display cover levels so you can easily view your lupus travel insurance options and select a policy that best meets your individual needs.

If you require advice about travelling with lupus, please visit LUPUS UK for guidance.

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