Compare Travel Insurance For Over 60s makes it easy to find competitive cover when you’re over 60! Simply click the button below to enter your details and declare your medical history. We then search a panel of over 40 specialist travel insurers to find the best available quotes! 

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Over 60 Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance is an important part of arranging any holiday, but as premiums increase with age, finding cover at a reasonable cost can be a frustrating task, even more so if you have pre-existing medical conditions to declare. But do not get disheartened, you’re in good hands with Medical Travel Compared. We specialise in helping people find competitively priced Over 60s travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Over 60 – Money Saving Tips

‘Don’t pay more than you have to’, that’s our motto! Insurers’ premiums can change and some insurers offer more competitively priced travel insurance for over 60s than others, making it difficult to know where to begin your search. By using our specialist comparison service, you can compare multiple quotes from a variety of insurance providers all in one place. Not only is this a fantastic way to find cheap travel insurance for over 60s, but if you compare quotes every time you travel or when your annual policy comes up for renewal, it can help you save money time and time again!

Single Trip & Annual Holiday Insurance Over 60

Whether you’re looking for single trip or annual multi trip cover, visiting counties within Europe or travelling further afield, or perhaps taking a cruise holiday, we can filter policies that meet your requirements for you to compare. If you prefer, one of our operations can guide you through the application process and discuss your options over the telephone. We do not give preference to any insurance provider. Our priority is to ensure our customers are covered properly and at the best available price, so you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart!

Travel Insurance for Over 60s with Pre Existing Medical Conditions

If you live with pre-existing medical conditions, we’re confident if anyone can find you a travel insurance solution, it will be us! We work with a wide variety of medical travel insurance specialists who offer cover for mild and severe conditions. Make sure to declare any conditions for which you’ve had surgery or treatment for in the last two years, plus any cancerous, stroke, heart or breathing conditions EVER diagnosed, as well as any conditions you currently take prescribed medication for. Failing to do so could invalidate your policy, and the last thing you want to discover is that you’re not covered should you face a medical crisis on holiday. If you’re unsure what you have to declare when applying for travel insurance over 60 with medical conditions, then give our Medical Screening Support Line a call.

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