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Travel Insurance for over 70s can help you find travel insurance for over 70s in a few easy steps.

Rather than visiting several travel insurance websites only to find that none of them provide travel insurance over 70, visit just one website to gain access to several suitable policies. And by comparing travel insurance for over 70s, you could save money at the same time.

It's easy to compare holiday insurance over 70:

• Compare travel insurance in 3 easy steps

• All types of medical conditions can be covered

• No age limits on many policies

Some travel insurers keep their premiums low by not providing travel insurance over 70. Travel insurers consider older travellers to be in a high-risk category. makes getting travel insurance over 70 easy and convenient.

Travel Insurance for over 70s with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions 

People over 70 years of age are more likely to have a pre-existing medical condition.

This will have an impact on the type of travel insurance they can buy and, depending on the nature of their condition, the cost of that insurance.

Insurers will typically offer specialist policies for over 70s.

If you’re looking for travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing medical conditions, then we can help.

Medical Travel Compared can search for policies that not only cover all your needs, but are available at affordable rates.

When you purchase your policy, you will be asked a series of simple medical screening questions that relate to your medical condition.

All you have to do is make sure you declare your pre-existing medical condition, in as much detail as you can, to ensure everything is covered.

Buying travel insurance for over 70s with pre-existing medical conditions is easy with Medical Travel Compared.

We’ll take a look at what multiple insurers are offering, so you can pick the policy that most suits your requirements.

Then, you can go on holiday knowing that if something unfortunate were to happen, your medical travel insurance will cover any unexpected costs that may incur.

Annual Travel Insurance for over 70s

With Medical Travel Compared, you can find a suitable annual travel insurance policy for over 70s.

An annual policy will cover any holidays you might have planned over the next 12 months.

The benefit here is that you only buy one policy, rather than individual policies for each trip, and could potentially save money.

Annual travel insurance for over 70s is offered by a number of providers.

And they can cover any pre-existing medical conditions you might have – at very reasonable rates.

Compare annual travel insurance for over 70s here at Medical Travel Compared today, and find the right deal for you.

Single Trip Travel Insurance for over 70s

If you’re only planning on having the one holiday this year, a single-trip travel insurance for over 70s plan might be better.

In all likelihood, this will be the cheaper option.

And you can purchase single-trip insurance that will cover any pre-existing medical conditions you might have.

Just make sure to declare your condition when looking for a quote.

We will then look to see what a variety of different insurers are willing to offer in terms of a deal, and present our findings to you.

After that, you can pick the single-trip travel insurance for over 70s policy that best works for you.

Cruise Travel Insurance for over 70s

Many travellers over the age of 70 enjoy cruise holidays.

Travelling on a cruise ship can be a great way to explore multiple destinations in comfort and style.

Older travellers can have their accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities in close proximity, which is ideal for travellers with reduced mobility.

Cruise holidays are also a great way to travel abroad without the need to fly as many leave from British ports.

If you decide to embark on a cruise, you will need to add cruise cover to your over 70s travel insurance.

For more information on this, visit our cruise travel insurance page.

Compare Cheap Travel Insurance for Over 70s

Everyone wants a good deal on their travel insurance.

For most, that means a cheap deal. And we can help you find a cheap travel insurance for over 70s plan.

But just as important is the quality of insurance. You want to make sure any policy you take out covers everything you need – including pre-existing medical conditions.

The aim is obviously to find a balance. Something that offers comprehensive cover, but doesn’t cost too much money.

Medical Travel Compared can help. Once you’ve given us all your details, we’ll take a look at each insurer in the UK that can offer you a deal.

We’ll tell you the cost and the exact nature of each policy.

This way, you can make an informed decision. And enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

After buying over 70s travel insurance or medical travel insurance, 93% of customers would recommend us based on 10520 respondents - as of 02/08/18). Read our reviews
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