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With our easy to use comparison tool, finding travel insurance when you’re over 75 has never been easier! Simply enter you details into our quoting system and we will search our panel of specialist insurers to find the best available quotes.  All medical conditions can be considered and you can buy securely online.

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Over 75s Travel Insurance Guide makes it much easier for travellers to find travel insurance over 75.
Rather than visiting several travel insurance websites only to find that none of them provide travel insurance over 75, visit just one website to gain access to numerous suitable policies.

It's easy to compare over 75 Travel insurance
• No age limits on many policies
• Compare travel insurance in 3 easy steps
• All types of medical conditions can be covered
If insurers don't offer travel insurance over 75, they can keep their premiums low. Travel insurers often see older travellers as high risk policyholders, which is why they sometimes put a cap on the age limit. makes it quick and convenient to buy travel insurance for over 75s, saving you time and even money.

Travel insurance over 75 and pre existing medical conditions

Over 75s are higher risk as they are more likely to have a pre existing medical condition and more likely to fall ill abroad. can help you find travel insurers that offer medical travel insurance, no matter what your age. If you buy travel insurance over 75 and you have a pre existing medical condition, you will need to declare it.
To declare your condition, you will need to complete some simple multiple choice medical screening questions. These questions will relate to your medical condition. Answer them accurately so that your insurer can provide the right level of cover to suit you and your condition. makes it easier to but travel insurance over 75 that includes medical screening. You will only have to answer one set of medical screening questions with to gain access to numerous suitable policies from different insurers.

Cruise cover for travel insurance over 75

Cruises can be a great holiday option for over 75s. Cruise ships can visit multiple destinations in comfort and style. Older travellers can have their accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities in close proximity, which is great for travellers with reduced mobility. Many cruise ships leave from British ports, offering holidaymakers the opportunity to travel abroad without having to fly.
If you decide to book a cruise, you will need to add cruise cover to your travel insurance premium.