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Guide to Travel Insurance for over 80s

With Medical Travel Compared, you can view more than one premium without having to visit several travel insurance websites only to find that none of them provide travel insurance for the over 80s.

It's easy to compare travel insurance for over 80s

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Some travel insurers keep their premiums low by not providing travel insurance cover for holidaymakers over the age of 80. Elderly travellers are sometimes considered as high risk groups by insurers.

Because of this, visiting individual travel insurers directly can be both time consuming and frustrating – especially if you find that they do not cover your age group. Medical Travel Compared can help you save time and money by enabling you to view multiple holiday insurance policies for those over 80 at the same time.  

Over 80s Travel Insurance with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

People that are over 80 are more likely to have a pre existing medical condition and more likely to fall ill abroad, which means they are more likely to make a claim. can help you find medical travel insurance no matter what your age. You must declare your medical condition when you buy travel insurance over 80.

Once you have declared your condition, you will be taken through a simple medical screening procedure.

Medical screening is a series of multiple choice questions that relate to your medical condition. By answering these questions accurately, your travel insurer can provide the right level of cover to suit you and your condition.

With Medical Travel Compared, you only have to answer one set of medical screening questions in order to view several travel insurance policies.

Annual and Multi Trip Travel Insurance for over 80s

You can buy an annual travel insurance policy for over 80s plan through Medical Travel Compared.

If you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday more than once over the next year, an annual/multi-trip policy could actually save you money.

And it means you don’t have to purchase more travel insurance each time you go away. A single plan will keep you covered for 12 months.

You might only have one holiday booked in right now. But are you the spontaneous type? Someone who will probably book a last minute city break somewhere?

If so, annual travel insurance might be for you.

Also, if you are over 80 and thinking about going on an extended trip away, you may also wish to consider long stay travel insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance for over 80s

On the other hand, single trip travel insurance for over 80s is normally more affordable.

You’re only covered for the one holiday, but if that’s all you need, then this type of plan makes sense.

Travel insurance for over 80s is generally more expensive than for those of a younger age – so it makes sense to try and save money where you can.

Of course, there is no guarantee on price. You could still end up paying more than necessary if you don’t compare quotes from multiple insurers.

That’s where Medical Travel Compared comes in.

We’re confident that by using our website, you can find a single trip travel insurance deal for you at the best possible price.

Cruise cover for travel insurance over 80

Cruise holidays are very popular with senior travellers.

The on-board accommodation, restaurants and leisure activities are close to one another, which is ideal for those with reduced mobility.

Furthermore, you can begin your trip from one of the many ports in Britain from where cruise ships depart – meaning you don’t have to fly anywhere.

But it’s still a holiday, and you’re still travelling. So good cruise travel insurance for over 80s is important.

If you fall ill, or some other medical problem occurs whilst you’re on a cruise holiday, it could get expensive – depending on the circumstances.

Medical Travel Compared can find appropriate travel insurance for over 80s on cruises.

Cruise cover is an extension that can be added to your regular travel insurance policy.

Compare Cheap Travel Insurance for over 80s

You can find the best travel insurance for over 80s with Medical Travel Compared.

Our easy-to-use comparison tool allows you to find quotes from a range of different insurers throughout the UK, and choose the one most suitable for you.

But don’t always go straight to the cheapest option – make sure you’re buying a policy that covers everything you need it to cover, including any medical conditions you might have.

That being said, finding cheap travel insurance for over 80s is always easier when you can look at all the different options in one place.

We’re confident that by using Medical Travel Compared, you can find a good insurance plan.

One that will put your mind at ease during your trip – and allow you to enjoy your holiday.

After buying over 80s travel insurance or medical travel insurance, 93% of customers would recommend us based on 10520 respondents - as of 02/08/18). Read our reviews
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