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Hero Stories: ''How Battling Cancer and an Amputation Led Me to Realise My Sporting Dream''

Our hero, Martin Heald, explains all about how battling Cancer and having a leg amputation led him to represent his country and live the sporting dream.

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4 Reasons #Croatia Is One of the Most Hashtagged Places on Instagram

Croatia has it all... Natural landscapes, ancient cities and pristine beaches! Discover the top picture perfect spots in Croatia...

Over 55S Guide To Vegas Thumbnail

The over 55's Guide to Las Vegas

Plan your itinerary with our over 55’s guide to Las Vegas. Find out more on the best places to stay, attractions and what to bear in mind before you book.

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River Cruise or Ocean Cruise - Which Is Best for You?

Cruising is a fantastic way to explore must-visit destinations with ease, but what cruise type is best for you? Find out more with Medical Travel Compared.

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How will a no-deal Brexit affect your travel in the EU?

Ever wondered what happens to travelling in the EU if we find ourselves in a ‘no-deal’ Brexit scenario? Find out more with Medical Travel Compared.

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How Much Blood Can You Donate (Based on Your Weight)?

Have you ever considered donating blood? Thanks to our interactive tool, you can find out how much you could approximately donate per year – and how it’s used to save lives.

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