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New EU Rules Mean You Can Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime While You're Abroad

New EU rules mean you will now be able to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime when you’re abroad, so you'll never have to miss you're favourite shows again!

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Best and Cheapest Beach Resorts for Retirees

Are you looking for a summer beach holiday? How about some winter sun? Here at Medical Travel Compared, we've hand picked the best four beach resort locations for retirees.

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The Best-Ever 10 Film Set Tours

From LA to Philadelphia, Ireland to Tokyo, we've hand-picked some of the must-see film set tours of all time! Explore where some of your favourite movie stars acted some of the world's most famous scenes!

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The over 55's Guide to Travelling to France

The ultimate over 55’s guide to travelling France – everything you need to know for your trip to France.

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Destinations to Make You Smile: The World's Happiest Countries

The United Nations World Happiness Report identifies some of the happiest countries in the world! So if you are looking to travel with a smile, here's where you should go...

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How to Create the Perfect Itinerary for Your Next Holiday

Take a look at our basic steps to preparing the perfect itinerary for your next holiday. Find out everything you need to consider to ensure your next trip goes as smoothly as it should.

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