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    Can I Fly with Chickenpox/Shingles

    Although chickenpox and shingles can be serious infections – it is still possible to travel. Seek advice from your doctor to find guidance on when you’re least contagious.

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    Can I Fly with a Broken Bone?

    An injury resulting in a broken bone is never easy to take – especially if you’ve got a holiday around the corner. Find out what you need to bear in mind before boarding a flight.

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    Our Guide to Brexit

    There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit and what impact this could have on travelling after 29th March 2019 – the current date the UK is set to leave the European Union without a deal. As with any live situation, developments are happening in real-time, so we do strongly advise our customers to check directly with their preferred travel insurance provider before purchasing a policy if there any particular concerns.

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    The Best Places to go on Holiday in the USA (By Month)

    Explore our month-by-month breakdown of the best times to visit the best places to visit in America. Planning a trip to the states has never been easier!

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