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Why It's Best To Stay Clear Of Tap Water Abroad

Drinking water abroad how safe is it and if you can purify tap water? The importance of medical travel insurance.

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Travel Money - How To Get The Best Foreign Currency Exchange Rate

How to get more travel money for less with our top tips and tricks to get the best foreign exchange rate.

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Why I Love... Florida

Why I Love... Florida, visually impaired traveller and her best trip ever to Florida. She thought she was an insurance liability but she was wrong

Top Accessible European Destinations Off The Beaten Track

Top Accessible European Destinations Off The Beaten Track

Choosing a travel destination can be challenging if you have mobility difficulties, see our top accessible European destinations off the beaten track


Top Travel Tips: How To Pack Your Suitcase

Top travel tips on how to pack your suitcase from choosing the right case to airline rules and what to wear on the plane! A helpful guide to packing…

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Winter Sun: 6 Things To Do In The Canary Islands

If you’re doing your homework on winter sun destinations this year, the Canary Islands are pretty hard to beat. The seven islands lie just off the…