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How To Prepare For Your First Cruise Holiday

If you are planning to embark on your first cruise holiday, there are certain preparations you will need to make that may differ from ordinary holidays. For a start, you need to make sure you buy travel insurance that includes cruise cover. This may cost a little extra than ordinary travel insurance because if you fall ill whilst on a cruise holiday, you might need to be airlifted to hospital, which can be a great expense.

If you are in a wheelchair or you have mobility problems, check the cruise ship you will be travelling with has suitable facilities. Will your cabin and bathroom be wheelchair friendly? Does the cruise ship have sufficient ramps and lifts so that you can visit different parts of the ship? When you pack your bags ready for your cruise holiday, make sure you include your favourite toiletries and first aid products in your luggage. Though many cruise ships have great shops on board, they might not always stock your preferred brand.

For people that have pre existing medical conditions, it's essential to pack enough medical supplies to last your whole trip and any spares in case you lose any or you are met with a delay. All cruise ships have onboard doctors and chemists, but they may not stock your particular medication.
If you are prone to suffer from seasickness, know how to combat it. If there are cabins available in the centre of the ship, request one. The centre of the cruise ship will experience less motion so you are less likely to feel nauseous. Seek fresh air to combat seasickness and look out at the horizon to try to maintain your sense of balance.

Ask about the cruise company's tipping policy before you embark on your cruise holiday. Some cruise companies add service charges to drinks' bills, while others allow tipping at the passenger's discretion. A cruise holiday can be the perfect way to enjoy multiple destinations in one trip whilst enjoying the comfort of all your amenities close to hand. They are great for older travellers or those that are less mobile. What's more, many cruise holidays leave from British ports, which allow travellers to visit foreign countries without boarding a plane.

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