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Introducing... Different Types Of Cruises

If you’re considering booking a cruise for your next adventure abroad, you’re certainly not alone. The cruise market has boomed in popularity in recent years with ever fancier ships, featuring more bells and whistles than travellers could have dreamed of a few decades ago. Whether it’s a luxury break complete with fine dining, lush cabins and attentive, personalised service you seek, or a themed family cruise with entertainment and bonding opportunities for all, the cruise market has something to offer.

Top Cruise Destinations

The problem is, there’s almost too much choice. The first decision you need to make is whether you’re keen on the idea of a river or ocean cruise. River cruises tend to boast a more intimate ambience due to the fact that the vessels are smaller and have the ability to bring you right into the heart of a city with fascinating and ever-changing scenery to admire on a day-to-day basis. In comparison, some prefer the classic ocean cruise due to the huge range of destinations that can be reached and the space that allows for larger-scale attractions such as mini-golf courses, rock-climbing walls and swimming pools.

Then you need to pick your destination, and when it comes to cruising, the world really is your oyster. The Mediterranean offers a range of excellent routes not too far from home with treasures such as the French Riviera and Greek Islands proving popular with tourists year after year. If you still aren't entirely sure where you would like to go, visit and let their fantastic deals guide you to your destination.

If you’re seeking a destination that’s both hot and exotic, perhaps a classic trip to the Caribbean, a region which has been a favourite of the cruise crowd for many years, might tick all your boxes. Alternatively, the tropical islands of the South Pacific and the east coast of Mexico offer similarly exotic escapes.

Those who can handle the colder climes might want to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, sailing past majestic glaciers and snow-capped peaks; head to Antarctica to watch colonies of huddling penguins and float past glittering icebergs; or perhaps explore the plunging fjord of Norway.

Finally, those who are keen to take on a river cruise might want to explore the wilds of the Amazon; discover the history of the Nile; drop by the cultural hotspots along the Danube; or admire the spectacular three gorges of the Yangtze. River cruises are also a good choice if you suffer from sea sickness, as the waters are usually a lot calmer in comparison to the ocean.

Yet even after you have locked down your destination, you still need to choose how you want your cruise to be organised. So, to make things a little clearer, here’s our introduction to the different ways to do a cruise…

The Different Types Of Cruises

Fly and Cruise

This option is ideal for those who have a limited amount of time for their trip and want to get to their regional destination of choice quickly. Fly and cruise trips involve holidaymakers flying to their departure port and is a popular choice for those exploring destinations such as the Caribbean – you step out of the airport into sunny climes instead of spending a few days at sea, braving the changeable weather closer to home.

Cruise and Stay

One for those that would like to immerse themselves in the culture of a region whilst enjoying everything the cruise experience has to offer, a cruise and stay allows passengers to tag a few days in a port either at the beginning and end of their cruise or intermittently throughout the trip. This type of cruise works well in the Mediterranean with its wide assortment of picturesque cities and island stops just begging to be explored. It’s also a popular option for cruises that begin or end in New York.

World Cruise

This is one of those bucket list trips, the journey of a lifetime! Those with a good few weeks to spare can enjoy an around the world trip, stopping off at different continents whilst remaining cosy in your cabin. The world cruise sector does offer trips that vary in length, so even if you have two or three weeks to spare you might be able to squeeze a shorter route into your schedule. Ideal for the intrepid explorer who wants to see as much as possible in one fell swoop.

All-Inclusive Cruise

This does exactly what it says on the tin – your fee pays for everything on the trip. This would include meals, alcohol, entertainment, flights… it’s an excellent way to make sure you keep track of your cash. Some trips might even include excursions and tours at stop points, offering unbeatable value for money.

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