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Luxury long-haul cruises - why you should treat yourself

Luxury long-haul cruises - why you should treat yourself

If the idea of a long, gloomy winter is giving you the post-summer blues, we might have the perfect solution. A luxury long-haul cruise is just the ticket to whisk you away for the adventure of a lifetime – just call it a well-deserved Christmas present to yourself. Aside from the chance to set sail to an exotic destination, here are a few very good reasons why you should treat yourself this winter…

More Vitamin D.

Let’s face it, the British summer often fails to deliver and sunny days can be few and far between. All of a sudden, it’s all over and you’re smack-bang into Autumn before you can catch your breath. Coincidentally, one of the most popular long-haul cruise destinations – the Caribbean – comes into its own during the British winter. Mid-December to mid-April is peak time for a Caribbean cruise as this is when the weather is pure perfection; hot, sunshine-filled days with low humidity and pleasantly cool nights. This is when the widest choice of cruises hit the market, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Save on winter fuel bills.

Don’t struggle with huge fuel bills this winter. Put the money towards a long-haul luxury cruise around the Hawaiian Islands and South Pacific instead. Make it worth your while by choosing the longest cruise you can find – 61 days in this part of the world certainly beats 61 days at home debating whether or not to put the heating on!

You could land a bargain.

Prices are always cheaper outside term time, and the cruise industry is no exception. There’s also the fact that before the Christmas holidays kick in, people are more involved with gift-buying and holiday planning than heading off on their travels. Therefore, should you be in a position where you can travel at flexible times, you might just find that you land a bargain deal with a luxury liner, just before the peak season hikes. The early bird catches the worm, after all.

There are fewer crowds.

Again, take the peak period around Christmas and New Year out of the equation and you’ll find that winter is a much calmer, quieter period of time to travel. Summer is peak time for cruises and you’ll find the crowds reflect this. Of course, a luxury cruise ship will take into account the fact that passengers need their space, but when you arrive at the port towns, you may struggle for breathing room in the height of summer. If part of the attraction of a long-haul cruise is to spend some time getting acquainted with the ports on your itinerary or discovering secluded beaches, travel before the Christmas crowds and make the most of the calmer season.

’Tis the season to visit Antarctica.

If you’re someone for whom adventure is more important than topping up your tan, you might be surprised to find that November through to March is the ideal time to visit the world’s last frontier – Antarctica. There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit or extend that jolly holiday feeling than with a luxury cruise in this majestic part of the globe. This is when the daylight lasts the longest and temperatures are at their most comfortable (although you should still pack clothing for below freezing climes as the weather can change at the drop of a hat). Wildlife lovers will be entranced by whales, penguins and seals while the sapphire seas and pristine mountain peaks of the much-photographed Kodak Gap will stay in your memory for years to come.

Before you take off on your long-haul luxury cruise, make sure you’ve purchased the right medical travel insurance for your trip to cover you in case of any accidents, injuries or potential losses. Medical Travel Compared can help you search a range of insurers to find the best plan for you and your loved ones – some of our insurers cover those with pre-existing medical conditions, too.

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