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What To Pack For A Cruise

Whether you’re off on a week-long river cruise in Europe, or you’ve booked a three-month round-the-world cruising experience, you’re going to have to face the same challenge: what do you pack for your trip?

Of course, there are certain destinations that might call for more of a certain type of clothing i.e. a Caribbean cruise during the hottest part of the year will mean an abundance of swimming attire and light, summery outfits whilst an Alaskan cruise will require more layers and a high quality winter coat. However, there are certain items that all cruisers should consider. After all, there’s nothing as annoying as realising you’ve left your toothbrush at home just when you’re dressed for bed… 

To help you with this tricky yet essential part of your cruise holiday prep, we’ve put together a handy packing checklist so that you don’t leave anything behind:

  • A carry-on bag. If your checked-in luggage is delivered directly to your cabin, you may want to ensure you have your essentials to hand. These could include: travel documentation such as visas and your passport; cards and cash; any prescription medication in original packaging and with a doctor’s note if necessary; a change of clothes; personal toiletries; a charger and adapter; basically anything else you might conceivably need before you are able to access your own luggage.
  • Protection from the elements. Two things to remember – it can rain in the Caribbean and you can get sunburnt in Alaska. Protecting yourself from the elements is essential no matter what sort of cruise you are on. Pack a hat or visor, sunglasses with UV protection, and high factor sun cream. Additionally, a raincoat or poncho and small umbrella will be useful if the heavens do decide to open, as well as a lightweight jacket. Layering is best for staying warm on a cold-weather cruise but bring along a heavier jumper or two if you are planning any glacier treks.
  • Gym gear. Many cruise ships offer gyms where you can keep up your fitness regime whilst on the move. Pack appropriate work-out gear if you’re looking to stay in shape on your trip.
  • Lounge wear. Comfortable clothes that are somewhere between proper daytime attire and pyjamas are useful for popping out of your cabin for breakfast before you’ve properly woken yourself up for the day but want to remain presentable.
  • Footwear. Comfortable shoes are a must for a cruise; so even if flip-flops and trainers are not your thing, choose low-heeled options or flats for extra traction. One pair of slightly dressier shoes will be enough unless you have booked a cruise hosting a variety of formal evenings. If you’re planning on booking any excursions, make sure you pack appropriate footwear to remain safe.
  • Daytime clothing. Casual clothing might include shorts, cropped trousers, skirts and a selection of tops that can be mix-and-matched. A pair of long trousers or jeans might be useful if the weather turns chilly whilst summer dresses can be cooling on hot days. Swimwear and cover-ups are an essential for island cruises or ships with a pool.
  • Evening attire. Check the dress code for your particular cruise to find out how often (if at all) you might require elegant evening attire. Most ships will usually offer guests a choice of locations to dine, so you are unlikely to be forced to dress formally. However, for those who enjoy getting dolled up, dress shirts and trousers as well as a smart blazer or even a tuxedo will come in useful for the men whilst the women can choose from cocktail dresses, smart suits or even evening gowns. 
  • Gadgets. Technophiles will kick themselves if they find themselves lost at sea without their beloved gadgets. Cameras, underwater cameras, laptops, tablets and kindles might all come in useful on a cruise as well as a re-fillable water bottle with a filtration device. Don’t forget your chargers and any adaptors you might need, too. 

Making copious amounts of lists is the best way to avoid forgetting anything important as you prepare for your cruise. Just be sure to add cruise travel insurance to the priority list. Medical Travel Compared provide access to a wide variety of insurers to help you locate the right policy for your personal circumstances. No matter where in the world you choose to cruise, make sure you’re covered.

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