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When’s The Best Time To Book a Cruise?

Where do you want to go? When do you fancy going? How much do you want to spend? Cruises have long been thought of as being on the expensive side and they’re not cheap, but they’re considerably better than you might think. Here is the Medical Travel Compared guide to cruising the world’s oceans and doing it to budget.

Best Time To Book A Cruise

When is the best time to book a cruise? If you’re looking to up-anchor and sail the high seas, but on a budget, try 60-90 days before you want to head-off. This is the time that most cruise lines call ‘last call’. The last chance for pre-booked sailors to cancel their trips without incurring a fee and for you lucky people, this is the time to grab a bargain. However, recent changes have meant that many cruise lines are refusing or increasingly unlikely to make these ‘late minute deals’ available within 30 days of the departure date. Early Booking Promotions can be as beneficial as Late Bookings.

Be Flexible

Think about when you’re free to travel and let that be your guide. While the Caribbean might be your destination of choice, have you ever considered Asia? The Mediterranean? Or even a cruise to the Arctic? You can also avoid the kids – they’ll still be in school. Offseason is generally cheaper and that means you can fill your suitcases with more of those hideous souvenirs and take advantage of those typically expensive off-boat excursions.

Best Time For Caribbean Cruise

When is the best time to go on a cruise? Well, that depends on where you want to go and what you need? Caribbean cruises are, and likely will remain the most popular cruises to be enjoyed. If you’re planning to holiday on a budget, expect to find those cheap/late minute sales out with the peak times. Caribbean cruises are best taken during high season. That means; November to May.

NOTE: June to November is Hurricane season, best to avoid that.

Cruise Line Islands

Many cruise lines have their own islands. Yes, you heard us; an island all of their own and fitted out to receive guests. You’ll never have heard of it, but most are complete with accommodation, picturesque beaches, amenities and the occasional water park. Most, if not all of the benefits of docking at a cruise island come for little to no added cost. There’s no battling crowds from other cruise ships, no locals to annoy and depending on the size of the resort, you could even find yourself horseback riding or kayaking.

Cruise Top Tips

Be early.

If you live far from your departure port, arrive early and stay the night in a hotel. Hundreds of tourists miss the boat each year – don’t be one.

Mark your bags as fragile.

Better treatment of your luggage and if you’re taking that one allotted bottle of wine on-board, there’s less chance it’ll smash in route.

Take a photo too.

There are more bags than you can count going on board, a photo will help in the event that yours goes astray.

Take a towel clip.

The winds can occasionally get a touch, well, windy. Best to anchor down than watch your Disney themed towels fly-off like Aladdin.


Is likely going to be slow and or lazy. Imagine you’re relaxing and don’t need to be in touch 24/7…just try it.

Eating can be a busy business on board.

If you’re not precious about dining at your regular 5:30pm slot, don’t. Have a late meal, be classy – embrace the holiday and dine at leisure. If you’re not going to the show – eat then, they’ll be fewer people in the dining room.

Many cruises provide FREE room service.

You can order the night before by placing your card around the handle on your door. If you just want coffee, say so. You can also pick a time that’s best for you.


Are automatically added to your bill. Don’t tip twice when you don’t need to.

Try new things.

Cruise ships have a little and a lot of everything. Try it. You never know, BINGO might actually be your thing!

Sea sickness can come to anyone.

One tip – eat a green apple or suck on a lemon slice.

Zika Virus?

Not to worry. To date, the dreaded Zika has little to no effect on tourists taking to the seas. However, many cruise lines are offering refunds and rescheduling for pregnant women and their families as a precaution. As cruise ships dock in ports throughout their voyage, it is best to be wary and follow Government advice.

Travel Insurance

Be sure and check around for your holiday travel insurance before you sail. Sea sickness, missed boarding, visits from the on-board doctor; all are covered and you’ll be glad of your travel insurance when the bill arrives. Be sure to take-out valid insurance – cover yourself, your partner and your holiday to a high value. If your holiday costs £3,000, insure to the correct level.

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