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Destination Guide: Finland

Welcome to Finland, one of the most atmospheric destinations in Europe. Up in the northern stretches of Europe, this truly is a land of extremes; from endless, summer days to fairytale, frozen landscapes.

Nature buffs will succumb to the call of the wild and the enchanting scenery of thick forests and magnificent lakes, whilst the vibrant cities will appeal to those who prefer the hustle of humanity and contemporary comforts.

Although the treasures of Finland vary greatly from season to season, this magical land will captivate and revitalise you with the warmth of its people, its epic landscapes and that famously crisp, clean air.

Things to do in Finland:


1. See the Northern Lights

Finnish Lapland is one of the best places in the world to witness the electrifying display of dancing, green light known as the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. Traditional methods of Aurora-spotting include snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.

If keeping cosy holds more of an appeal, take advantage of Finland's penchant for cutting-edge design and choose from a range of innovative accommodation on offer. The village of Kakslauttanen is famous for its glass igloos where you watch the show from the comfort of your own, snug bed.

2. Visit Helsinki

Modern Helsinki, a dynamic town with bags of quirky charm, presents the perfect contrast to Finland's untamed wilds. Perched on the coast, the city's harbour is a study in rippling blue, dotted with small, rugged islands. During the spring and summer months, the influx of visitors create a buzz throughout the green spaces and nightlife of the city whilst at any time of year, the stunning Art Nouveau buildings and elegant cafes and restaurants provide a welcome respite from the blankets of snow that powder the streets.

3. Enjoy outdoors activities

For those that appreciate the Great Outdoors, Finland is heaven-sent. Try Yllas for exceptionally beautiful skiing opportunities and the longest slopes in the country. Or why not try your hand at driving a team of huskies on safari, through forests dusted with snow?

In the summer months, take a trip to Lakeland for ample water-skiing, canoeing and sailing opportunities or take a white-knuckle ride on the rapids at Kukkolankosi.

4. Explore the national parks

There are 37 national parks in Finland, showcasing an array of natural delights. Trek through the vivid, green canopies of Nuuksio in the summer or the glittering, snow-capped hills of Koli in the colder months.

The national parks also offer wonderful opportunities to spot rare birds, and an organised tour through the dense forests of Eastern Finland will bring you face to face with deer, elk, wolverines and brown bears.

5. Pamper yourself in a sauna

Saunas are a big part of Finnish culture. Sweat it out in a room heated by steaming, hot rocks before immersing yourself into ice-cold water – it certainly gets the blood pumping. Kotiharjun in Helsinki is a public sauna with a huge, wood-burning stove – you will see people lightly whipping themselves with wet birch branches to assist circulation and soften the skin.

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