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New Year Celebrations Around The World

Sometimes planning a New Year’s celebration at home can prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. When you consider all the effort that can go into organising family and friends to celebrate together on one of the biggest nights of the year, it might suddenly seem like a perfectly viable option to spend it alone with just a bottle of wine and Jools Holland for company. Whether you’re hoping to avoid the stress of hosting a party this year or the monumental effort of finding an event that everyone agrees on, why not simply try something completely different and head off on holiday to celebrate in style?

If you’re looking to make your New Year one to remember, the world is quite frankly your oyster. From dancing in warm and balmy climes to wrapping up snug as fireworks explode overhead, here are some of the best ways to ring in the New Year around the globe… 

1. New York City

One of the most popular places in the world to bid the old year farewell and say hello to the new, New York City is renowned for being a magical destination to visit during the holiday season. Granted, it can get very cold, but this simply adds to the atmospheric Christmas lights and winter wonderland ambience. Every year, as the clock approaches midnight, the energy of Times Square kicks into overdrive as the crowds are treated to performances from world-class musical artists and explosions of confetti, balloons shower down from above. Finally, the famous 12-foot crystal ball drops to mark the New Year as an incredible pyrotechnic display lights up the sky overhead. 

2. Rio de Janeiro

If escaping the bleak midwinter for New Year sounds like an attractive prospect, pack your sunglasses and book your ticket to the Brazilian capital city of Rio de Janeiro where New Year takes place in the heat of summer. Here you can expect alfresco celebrations on the famous white sands of Copacabana Beach where live bands create a carnival atmosphere that lasts until sunrise. In Rio, it’s traditional to wear white on New Year’s Eve for good luck, but make sure your fancy outfit can handle a good spraying of champagne as there will be corks popping left, right and centre. Be prepared for an astonishingly good fireworks show at midnight, set off from barges positioned out in the ocean. If the crowds on the beach are a bit too hectic, treat yourself to a stay in one of the charming beach front hotels for the best view. Many of these establishments host special parties for the night.

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh doesn’t just do one night of celebrations for New Year’s Eve, the Scottish capital goes two better and puts on a three day festival for Hogmanay - the name the Scots give to the end of the year. Visitors can expect to see a range of musicians - from famous groups to up-and-coming talent - perform for their pleasure as well as the chance to join in with fun, traditional events such as a spot of ceilidh dancing and plenty of hearty local food. A massive torchlit parade wends through the cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s historical town centre on December 30 and, of course, there is a suitably impressive fireworks display that lights up the sky at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve itself. However, you might be a little distracted from the show as you’ll be too busy holding hands with your nearest and dearest and joining in with the world’s largest rendition of Auld Lang Syne. 

4. Las Vegas

If glitz, glamour and Elvis all get a thumbs from you, then why not push the boat out and see in New Year in the ultimate party destination: Las Vegas. With more hotels, bars, clubs and casinos than you can shake a glow-stick at, you can choose from a wide range of celebratory options and packages in this neon-lit party town. Whether you’re looking for a superb four-course dinner complete with mesmerising cabaret show, a musical concert performed by one of the greats, or copious amounts of champagne in a rooftop bar, Las Vegas can make it happen for you. Additionally, on New Year’s Eve, the infamous Strip is closed to all traffic so that people can watch a blistering fireworks display as the clock chimes twelve. 

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