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The Best Places to go on Holiday in the USA (By Month)

The Best Places to go on Holiday in the USA (By Month)

America is a big place.

With such a rich and diverse collection of interesting places that you could visit, there’s certainly no shame in feeling spoilt for choice when it comes to planning a USA getaway – however long or short.

If only you could pinpoint the best places to visit in America by the month you intend to travel… imagine how much easier it would be to actually make a decision?

When you scroll down – you’ll see that we’ve narrowed down the list of destinations based on what we believe is arguably the best month to visit.

From the west coast to the east coast, January to December – you’ll be able to plan a trip that works for you!

Where to go in America in January

For a spot of winter sun, look no further than Florida.

Of course, there are a number of places in America where you can enjoy a spot of winter sun. However, the humidity in Florida is usually at its lowest at this time of year.

So, whether it’s a family fun trip to Disney or a glamorous jet set to Miami – you can certainly count on Florida when it comes to January holidays. 

Where to go in America in February

Head to Chicago for Theatre Week in February.

If you love to see a show – there’s simply nowhere like it.

It’s also a reasonably cheap time of year to fly to the States also, although it’s worth bearing in mind that prices for hotels generally shoot up around Theatre Week.

Where to go in America in March

If you’ve always dreamt of visiting the southern states, March might be the most sensible time to book.

Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama are all seen as the heartland of America – but they can be unbearably hot in the summer.

At this time of year, the outside temperature is far more manageable – and the risk of hurricanes is low.

Where to go in America in April

Washington is great at any time of year – but again, the weather plays a factor when it comes to recommending an April travel date.

Naturally, you’ll probably do a lot of walking when exploring Washington – so it’s wise to visit at a time of year where the outdoor temperature is less intense.

It’s also a less busy time of year for tourists – so you can enjoy everything the US capital has to offer at a pace that suits you.

Where to go in America in May

The first Saturday of May is one of the most important in the American calendar.

People flock in their thousands to Louisville, Kentucky – for the Kentucky Derby. Arguably the most famous horse race in the world.

Even if horses aren’t your thing, it’s still a spectacle that has a far reaching appeal.

Where to go in America in June

If you want to venture further afield for a beach holiday, then Hawaii is a great option if you need a half-year escape.

There’s so much to love about Hawaii.

From the beaches to the people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime holiday that few people are lucky enough to do.

Where to go in America in July

July might be the best time to channel your more adventurous side. Why not tackle the west coast?

Northern California is home to Napa Valley – the ultimate wine holiday destination.

Beyond that, there’s the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park – and many other interesting stop-offs along the Pacific Coast highway.

Where to go in America in August

If Niagara Falls is on your bucket list – we’d recommend August.

It can often be too cold up there in the winter, so if you fancy a different kind of summer holiday – Niagara Falls is a good option.

Although you might find that the local area is awash with tourists at this time of year, so just bear that in mind.

Where to go in America in September

September is widely recognised as the start of Fall in America – and there’s nowhere better to be for the changing of the seasons than Boston.

Boston is a great place to visit – even if it’s just for the weekend.

It’s a city that’s complemented well by the colours of Autumn – so if you’re a budding photographer, it’s the place to be.

Where to go in America in October

We all know how Americans love to celebrate Halloween, and there’s absolutely no harm in joining in the celebrations should you choose to do so.

New Orleans is known for being a ‘spooky city’ in history and literature, and this is reflected in their annual French Quarter celebrations.

It’s an unrivalled Halloween adventure.

Where to go in America in November

The cheapest time to fly to Las Vegas is generally around November time.

Not to mention it’s cool enough to get away with wearing a tuxedo in the Nevada desert…

Where to go in America in December

Where better to spend a white Christmas than New York City.

It’s become a cliché over the years, but there’s a reason why Christmas in the Big Apple is one the bucket lists of so many.

There’s a special atmosphere in New York during the festive period. But if there’s any advice we could give – it would be to make sure you pack some warm clothing.

You’ll find even more useful advice in our dedicated guide to travelling the USA.

From medical tips to visa information, you won’t go far wrong if you’re planning a trip to the states in the near future!







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