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The Top City Breaks to Consider This Spring

Spring is finally here.

And what better way to commemorate this, than by booking a well-earned spring city break.

A chance to escape the wet British weather, and enjoy the start of the warmer temperatures, longer nights and appreciate the floral surroundings in some of Europe’s most popular locations.

This guide will take you through the top destinations we recommend you visit this spring.

Most of which you could enjoy as a weekend break.

Or alternatively extend your itinerary to make a longer holiday of it.

From historical locations, to sunnier places; this post should point you in the direction to some of the best city breaks to embark on at this time of year.

Visit the Home of Flamenco in Seville, Spain

Nestled in the south of Spain, and capital city of Andalusia, Seville should be top of your list of destinations to visit.

It’s such a sought after destination that The Lonely Planet has awarded it as ‘the best city to visit in 2018’.

The birth place of Flamenco dancing, this city has a host of attractions to visit.

Including the below, which should be added to your mini-break itinerary…

Real Alcázar:

World heritage site since 1987, this Palace complex is a must see.

Still in use by The Spanish Royal Family, this stunning structure is surrounded by beautiful gardens and courtyards.

Seville Cathedral:

The third largest Cathedral in the world, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Its gothic exterior sets the tone for the impressive interior that can be seen as you step inside. And if you want to explore the history of this cathedral, be sure to visit the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Parque de María Luisa:

If you’re wanting to take a step away from the city streets, this parque has the largest green space in Seville.

The botanical garden is lined with palm trees and a series of statues for you to explore. So why not take a picnic and enjoy some al fresco dining.

If you are a foodie, May and June are the only 2 months a year were the famous tapas dish of Caracoles are available.

And if you don’t know the English translation – it’s Snails to me and you.

A real delicacy in Seville, so make sure you give them a try.

With spring weather averaging from 16 to 24 degrees, it really is the perfect time to visit this beautiful city.

There’s No Place like Rome

You won’t be surprised to hear that Rome is a very popular destination when it comes to booking a European city break.

Known for its breath-taking historical monuments, museums and art galleries, you won’t run out of things to do here.

Being Italy’s capital, this city hosts an array of bars and restaurants offering fine Italian cuisine and aperitifs.

When planning your city break, you should definitely consider visiting the following attractions…

Explore the Vatican Museums:

Even if you don’t have a love for art, you will appreciate the spectacular pieces which fill the walls.

In particular Michelangelo’s famous work – ‘The Last Judgement’ – a work filled with so much depth and history. A real spectacle to visit.

The Ancient Colosseum:

If you are yet to visit this, you’ll have definitely seen pictures of it when researching Rome.

The place where Gladiators fought whilst spectators watched on. This arena offers a wealth of history and is one of Rome’s most famous buildings.

The Pantheon:

Known as the temple of the gods (and now a church), it has one of the largest free standing domes in the world.

Step inside - you really have to appreciate its spectacular architecture.

Free to explore, we’d recommend delaying your visit until a few hours after opening time, to avoid the flurry of tourists.

Be prepared when booking your break here though, as spring is one of the busiest times to visit, due to the milder climate which offers the perfect conditions to explore the city.

Don’t let this sway your decision however; as Rome is a city which is enjoyed all year long, so there isn’t likely to be a real ‘quiet’ time.


Embrace the History and Culture That Berlin Has to Offer

Berlin is a city you’ll definitely want to return to as it offers a wealth of history for any visitor.

Full of attractions, you could return a second or third time and manage to fill your itinerary with new things to do.

Three of the most iconic places to visit are as follows:

Brandenburg Gate:

This landmark was once a monument which divided the city; as the berlin wall stopped access to the gate from the east and west.

In 1989 when the east and west reunified Brandenburg became a real symbol of unity in Germany.

This really is a must visit, allowing you to appreciate the division that once split the country.

East Side Gallery:

A longstanding section of the Berlin Wall, which in 1990 saw more than 100 artists cover the architecture with their work.

At 1.3km long, today this section of the wall is a real tourist attraction. It’s free to walk this open air gallery, however you may want to pay extra for a tour, to fully understand the history behind this.

Checkpoint Charlie:

Checkpoint Charlie is a key historical landmark in Berlin, marking the border crossing between East and West Berlin during the Cold war.

On June 22nd 1990 when the Berlin Wall was destroyed Checkpoint Charlie was closed. The one you can visit now is a replica of the guardhouse, however it still allows you to reflect on what would have been.


No visit to berlin is complete without trying a Currywurst – a German hot dog topped with a unique sauce which usually consists of a mix of three ingredients; Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and curry powder.

It may not sound like your ideal combination, but the residents of Berlin love them.

So much so that there’s a museum dedicated to the food!


Take a Mini-Break to Vienna

Austria’s capital may not be the mountainous region that we know Austria for, however this beautiful city offers history, culture and events; and has a host of things to do and explore.

It’s also known for its superior coffee houses, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when trying to find a café stop.

The three attractions we recommend you visit are…

Schloss Schönbrunn:

Another world heritage site, this vibrant yellow palace used to be an imperial summer residence, during the reign of Maria Theresa.

With various ticket prices to purchase, you can fully explore the palace and the stunning grounds that surround it.

St Stephens Cathedral:

To get a real view of the city, take a break out of your busy schedule and head to the rooftop of the city’s cathedral.

A time to really appreciate the beauty and culture this city has to offer.

Vienna Opera House:

One of the top Opera houses in the world, this place is a must visit if you appreciate classical music and ballet works.

What’s better, in April, May and June you can watch the live Opera Outdoors on a screen outside the opera house – a perfect way to spend a Spring day, and it’s free! 


Once you’ve finished exploring the sights Vienna has to offer, alongside a tour of the best coffee spots, make sure you try out Vienna’s delicacies.

In particular the typical Viennese dish of Wiener schnitzel – veal which is covered in breadcrumbs and fried; a classic tasty dish.

Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, try a slice of Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel), a pastry based dessert which is perfectly complimented with a hot drink.


We really do think there’s enough here to get you planning your next mini-break. So what’s stopping you?

Get exploring one of these marvellous cities; and enjoy the warmer climate that spring has to offer.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you purchase your holiday insurance.

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