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Medical Conditions

Food Drink

7 Top Tips For Travelling With Coeliac Disease

A strict gluten-free diet is essential for those with coeliac, but it needn’t hinder your holiday plans. Here’s what to think about before booking your trip

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Up In The Air

There are cases when flying off on holiday isn’t wise when it comes to your health. Here’s a few things you might want to know before booking a trip

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Diabetes Has Made Overseas Travel Almost Impossible!

Living & travelling with Diabetes. Diabetes can make Overseas Travel Almost Impossible. Here's how to make things a little easier. Compare Quotes NOW!

Flight Socks

Why do we wear flight socks?

Ever wondered why we need travel socks? Medical Travel Compared looks at the benefits of wearing travel socks and where you might buy them.

Can I travel after a heart attack?

Can I travel after a heart attack?

Travel advice for those who have suffered heart attacks. Expert medical travel advice for planning your holiday and comparing travel destinations!

Asthma Inhalers

5 Things To Consider Before Travelling With Asthma

Five key points to bear in mind if you are travelling with asthma. Read on for top tips from Asthma UK on how to best prepare before you travel