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Annual Travel Insurance For Medical Conditions

Annual travel insurance is a great way to get continuous travel insurance protection for the whole year. You simply need to buy one travel insurance policy and it will provide you with cover for an unlimited number of holidays throughout the year.

As with single trip travel insurance, it is very important to declare your pre-existing medical conditions when you are getting a quote for annual travel insurance. This will ensure that you are fully covered if you fall ill abroad and it is related to a pre-existing medical condition. can help you compare prices and cover for annual travel insurance with cover for medical conditions We can provide a comparison of travel insurance with cover for all types of medical conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy.

5 reasons to choose annual travel insurance cover with cover for medical conditions

1. Annual travel insurance can save you money

If you travel more than once or twice in a year annual travel insurance can work out cheaper than buying single trip travel insurance for each journey.

2. Annual travel insurance can save you time

A great benefit of annual travel insurance, whether it you need to cover medical conditions or not, is that you only have to buy it once a year!

3. Annual travel insurance covers named adults to travel independently

Annual travel insurance has the added advantage of covering all adults named on the policy to travel independently of each other as well as together, great news if you are a couple.

4. Continuous cover with annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance can give you continuous cover for cancellation - so long as you have valid annual travel insurance in place, any holiday you book will be covered for cancellation from the moment you pay. This includes if you are forced to cancel because of a pre-existing medical condition, so long as you declared the medical condition at the time you purchased your annual travel insurance.

5. You will be notified when your annual travel insurance is due to expire

Your annual travel insurance provider is obliged to notify you when your policy is due to expire so you won't forget and run the risk of travelling uninsured.

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