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Asthma Travel Insurance; Getting The Right Travel Insurance to Cover Asthma

Approximately 5.4 million people in the UK are affected by asthma. For most people asthma is a condition that can be very well managed and therefore should not stop them enjoying a holiday abroad and exploring the world.

But as there can be a number of health complications associated with asthma it is very important that you declare your asthma when you buy travel insurance to ensure that you are properly covered if you fall ill or have an asthma attack whilst you are away.

Why is it Important to Declare Asthma when you Buy Travel Insurance?

Many standard travel insurance policies will exclude cover for all pre-existing medical conditions including asthma and other breathing difficulties, so you should never assume that your asthma will be covered. In general, it is safer to assume that your asthma or breathing difficulties will not be covered by your travel insurance unless you declare it when you purchase the policy.

If you are asthmatic you need to declare your asthma every time you buy travel insurance, it's very easy to do and will ensure that you are covered by your travel insurance if you need medical treatment whilst you are away or need to cancel your holiday because of your asthma or a related medical condition.

Failing to declare your asthma when you buy travel insurance could leave you facing large medical bills if you have an asthma attack abroad and require emergency medical treatment. You also run the risk of losing the money you paid for your holiday if you had to cancel your holiday due to due to your asthma. Makes Comparing Asthma Travel Insurance Easy

Although many travel insurers decline travel insurance cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma and COPD, there are now a growing number of travel insurers who will provide good value travel insurance cover for asthma and other types of breathing difficulty up to a high level of severity. makes comparing asthma travel insurance easy; we have a panel of specialist travel insurance providers who are able to cover all types of medical conditions, including asthma.

You'll simply need to tell us the details of your holiday and answer one set of multiple choice questions about your asthma; we will then present you with a selection of travel insurance policies that you can choose from, all of which will cover your asthma.

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