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Compare Diabetes Travel Insurance: How To Get The Cover You Need

When you are diabetic, it's important to declare your diabetes when you buy travel insurance, this will ensure that you are fully covered by your travel insurance if you require emergency medical treatment whilst you are abroad.

Although many insurers decline travel insurance cover to people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, there are now a growing number of insurers who will provide travel insurance cover for diabetes of all types and severities.

Comparing travel insurance for diabetes

You may be tempted to choose the cheapest diabetes travel insurance, but before you do, take a few minutes to look at the different diabetic travel insurance policies available and the different levels of cover they can offer.

- Emergency medical expenses and repatriation

This is the most important part of a diabetes travel insurance policy. WHICH? Recommends that you should have at least £3 million on a European policy and £5 million on a worldwide travel insurance policy.

- What is the excess?

The excess is the amount that you will have to pay towards the cost of a claim. You can keep the cost of diabetes travel insurance down by choosing a policy with a higher excess. Or you might decide to pay a little more so that you can have a travel insurance policy with no excess payable in the event of claim.

- Cancellation cover

Look at the levels of cancellation cover available on each diabetic travel insurance policy, compare it to the amount you have paid for your holiday and choose accordingly.

- Personal property

Choose a diabetes travel insurance policy with a suitable level of personal property or baggage cover for the possessions you will be taking with you on holiday. can help you compare travel insurance cover for diabetes quickly and easily, enabling you to get a selection of quotes from travel insurance providers that can cover your diabetes in a matter of minutes.

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