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Travel Insurance Tips - Travelling With Diabetes

Information for People Travelling with Diabetes

Being diabetic doesn't mean that you can't travel abroad regularly. You just need to put a bit more time into planning your trip to make sure your holiday goes smoothly.

Diabetes Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip abroad and you have diabetes, the first thing you will need to organise is your diabetes travel insurance. When you buy travel insurance for diabetes, you need to declare your condition to the insurer so that you will be covered if you fall ill abroad, or need to cancel your holiday as a result of your illness.

Medical Screening Travel Insurance

When you purchase diabetes travel insurance, you will need to complete some medical screening questions. The questions are designed to let the insurer know how severe your diabetes is so that they can provide the appropriate level of cover.

During the medical screening you will be asked a series of simple multiple choice questions, such as, if you take insulin for your diabetes, if you have been admitted to hospital as a result of your condition, and other questions relating to your general level of health.

Visit Your Doctor Before You Travel

Your doctor is the best person to tell you if you are healthy enough to travel abroad. Ask your doctor for a check up to confirm that your diabetes is under control and never travel against the advice of your doctor.

Taking Medication Abroad

Before you leave on your holiday, make sure you have ample medical supplies, and any spares in the event of an emergency.

Carry your medication in your hand luggage so that you have it with you at all times. Take a letter from your doctor to confirm your right to carry needles and insulin. If you do have to store insulin in your hold luggage, make sure it's well insulated to prevent it from freezing at high altitude.

For up to date advice on travelling with insulin, visit Diabetes UK

In different climates, you may need to alter your insulin dosage. In hot climates, you are more likely to suffer from hypoglycaemia. When you're out and about in a hot country, store your insulin in a cool bag to protect its efficiency.

Glucose Monitor

As a diabetic traveller, you can carry your glucose monitor on your flight. Make sure you carry your glucose monitor with you at all times whilst you are on holiday. Check your blood glucose levels regularly, perhaps more so than you would normally at home.

Take Your Favourite Snacks

Though many airlines offer in-flight meals, they might not provide enough sustenance for people travelling with diabetes. It's a good idea to carry snacks with you on your flight, and also while you are out and about on holiday.

Where To Find Advice About Travelling with Diabetes

Diabetes UK has some in-depth advice for people travelling with diabetes. Visit their website for more information.

Diabetes Travel Insurance

In short, if you have any concerns about travelling with diabetes seek your doctor's advice before you travel and declare your medical condition when you buy diabetes travel insurance.

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