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Which Medical Conditions Do I Need To Declare?

When buying travel insurance, what medical conditions should I declare?

The short answer to this question is that you should declare all your medical conditions when you buy travel insurance, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Even medical conditions that don't cause any current problems should be declared when you buy your medical travel insurance policy.

Travel Insurance for Medical Conditions - What Will it Cost?

Some medical conditions don't incur an extra charge on standard travel insurance premiums, but you will still need to declare the condition. There are many medical conditions that people don't realise they have to declare, possibly because the condition is under control with medication, or because they are not undergoing treatment. It is always best to declare any medical conditions to your medical travel insurance provider to ensure that you are adequately covered.


Many people suffer from asthma, young and old. For some, it is such a part of their everyday life that they forget about it when they come to buy travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.

Children often suffer from asthma. If you are a parent with an asthmatic child, don't forget that you will need to declare their illness on their behalf when you buy family travel insurance.

Heart Attack

If you have had a heart attack, you might think that because it's in the past, you won't need to declare it. It's important to declare your heart attack because it may have led to other underlying heart problems.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is sometimes treated by changing your lifestyle. It is also often linked to other medical conditions such as heart disease. As such, you may not realise that you need to declare your high cholesterol. Usually, if you declare that you have a heart condition, you will also be asked if you have high cholesterol during the insurer's medical screening procedure.

Mental Health Conditions

Some might think that you only need to declare medical conditions if they are physical. If you have a mental health condition, you will need to declare it when you buy your medical travel insurance policy. There are travel insurers out there that cover people with mental health conditions, and can find them for you.


If you have undergone surgery as a result of your condition, you will need to declare it. Surgery could indicate that your medical condition is severe. Your travel insurer will want to know about your surgery so that they can assess the level of risk that you present as a policyholder

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