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Why Having a Medical Condition Shouldn’t Stop You from Enjoying a Ski Holiday

Why Having a Medical Condition Shouldn’t Stop You from Enjoying a Ski Holiday

Every year more than 50 million people enjoy a skiing holiday, in Europe alone.

Worldwide, that figure is even more incredible. But there is a particular group of people who are unable to experience the joys of skiing.

Or at least, they think they are.

Having a medical condition or a disability doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t ski or snowboard.

It might bring about certain challenges, but don’t rule yourself out completely. As least speak to your doctor, and do a little research, before making a decision.

After all, skiing is one of the many events included as part of the Paralympics. If those skiers don’t offer some sort of inspiration, nothing will…

Ski Slopes Are Becoming More Accessible

All over Europe – as well as many other parts of the world – ski resorts are attempting to make their facilities disabled-friendly.

In France alone, there are more than 150 ski schools that offer what is known as ‘handiski’ training and equipment hire.

Because disabilities are often different, and impact people’s movement in different ways, a bespoke service is often required.

But the fact that so many schools are catering to the disabled community suggests there is plenty of demand for this sort of thing.

Many travel agents, such as Crystal Ski Holidays, are offering what they call ‘Adaptive Skiing’ holidays – where they arrange an entire trip, with a focus on disability-friendly hotels.

With great strides currently being taken – it’s exciting to think about what the future holds for the disabled skiing community.

Best Countries for Disabled Skiing

As mentioned, France provides ‘handiski’ training in more than 150 ski schools.

It is already the most popular skiing destination for Brits – with many enjoying a regular trip to the Alps – and that will only continue.

Elsewhere, certain resorts in Italy and Switzerland have also been praised for their disabled-friendly accommodations.

Outside of Europe, Colorado (which operates some of the best slopes in North America), has made attempts to adapt, and cater to a wider variety of people.

But don’t forget – it’s not just about the skiing. If you’re planning a ski holiday, make sure there are suitable hotels that fully accommodate those with disabilities.

It most places it is a requirement for hotels to be 100% accessible – but some are better than others in this regard.

Buy Medical Travel Insurance for Your Ski Holiday

Before making any plans – the first thing you should do is consult your doctor, and ask them whether or not it is safe for you to go on a skiing holiday.

They may have concerns regarding a medical condition you have, a permanent disability, or even your age – but if they give you the all clear, then you’re good to go!

But you absolutely must invest in medical travel insurance. You never know what might happen abroad, and with affordable specialist cover available, there’s no excuse.

You can get started by searching for a quote today.

Tell us the specifics of your condition, and we’ll find the best medical travel insurance for you – complete with winter sports cover.


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