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Book Your Airport Parking In Advance

Every year millions of people head off on holiday in search of a little rest and relaxation with friends, family or even on their own. Research has shown that one in four of these people will be travelling to the airport by car. Some may be offered a ride or be travelling by taxi, but countless others are likely to be driving as well as travelling on the same day.

As any driver knows, finding a space to park your car can be a headache, even on a day when you have plenty of time to spare. However, when you’re about to set off on a trip and have a flight to catch, all it takes is a little more traffic than normal to throw a spanner in the works.

Although you might think that booking your flights and accommodation are the two main points to organise, ensuring you have a guaranteed parking spot is just as essential as checking in. Instead of leaving it to the last minute in a move guaranteed to raise your blood pressure, why not book your airport parking in advance? That way, you can minimise any travelling stress, right from the start.

Aside from the security of knowing you’re guaranteed a space, here are a few other benefits of booking your parking space ahead of time…

1. You’ll save money

In the same way that train tickets and flights are generally cheaper when you book in advance, airport parking is at its very cheapest when pre-booked compared to simply turning on and paying on the day. We recommend booking at least two weeks before your departure to get the best deal for your dollar.

2. You’ll get more choice

Everyone has different needs and requirements and if you pre-book your airport parking, you can make your choice of a parking spot at your leisure, weighing up the best option to suit your circumstances. Depending on your chosen airport, there could be a valet option available where staff meet you as you drive up, park your car for you and have it ready and waiting on your return. Alternatively, you might need a long-stay option or a spot that’s super close to the terminal if time is going to be tight. Booking in advance will give you the time to make the right decision for you and give you the best possible chance of getting what you want.

3. Your car will be safe and secure

If you leave your car parking arrangements to the last minute and they fall through, you might have to make a rushed decision to avoid missing your flight. In these situations, some travellers might take the option of a low-level security car park, but these establishments are exactly the sort of places targeted by car thieves who will notice when a vehicle has been left unattended for several days in a row. Booking airport parking at a reputable airport car park means your vehicle will be under the protection of security and surveillance systems, specially designed for travellers’ needs. It might be a little pricier than the typical low security car park, but the fact that you can rest easy while away will more than make up for the additional cost. Airparcs offer some great savings, why not take a look and start saving now!

4. You might benefit from price guarantees or discounts

Be sure to shop around when you are looking to pre-book your airport parking. There are numerous price comparison websites which can help you narrow down your choice whilst some companies offer price guarantees which give you money back if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere. Some agents might also send out discount codes if you register for offers. Start searching as far in advance as possible to be in with a chance of grabbing one of these offers when they first appear.

Something else you should shop around for is your travel insurance. Medical Travel Compared can help with this – we scour the web for the best deals for your personal circumstances and can even help find insurers that offer cover for a variety of pre-existing medical conditions. Use our handy comparison tool and make sure you’re covered before you jet away.

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