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Heard of AirBnB? It’s a great way to save on accommodation

AirBnB has enjoyed meteoric success since it first appeared on the accommodation scene back in 2008. With prices to match any budget, the lodging site has quickly become an essential platform for travellers looking for authentic, fun and quirky accommodation experiences.

There are now around 600,000 listings in 192 countries around the world. From cabins hidden in the woods in Stockholm to treehouse canopies in Bali, windmills, castles, yurts and trailers, AirBnB offers an eclectic mix of properties, each one more unique than the last.

For first timers, it can seem daunting especially if you’re staying in a stranger’s home, so here are a few tips to get you in the modern booking mind-set…

1. Consider your booking needs. AirBnB has various search tools to narrow down what you’re looking for. For example, number of guests, price and privacy can all be adjusted to make trawling through the thousands of properties that little bit easier. Do you want a shared room or a whole house? Do you need wheelchair access or amenities close by? Each property is posted on the website by its owner, who should be more than happy to help with any queries. 
2. Check the reviews. Beginners at AirBnB would be best advised to use an experienced host. Check the traveller reviews and images and message the host, preferably before you part with any money.
3. Check the house rules. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the host’s attitudes and approach before you book.

Think AirBnB might be the way forward for you? Check out some of our favourite hotpots…


For something classical, timeless but all together modern, look out for luxury Mediterranean villas and idyllic Italian retreats.


For something a little different, live like a local in Amsterdam. Now Amsterdam’s houseboats are unlike any of the canal cruisers we see roaming the UK. These semi-permanent dwellings are works of art in themselves. Bright, modern, minimalistic and cleverly designed, these floating homes feel more suited to the pages of a luxury magazine.

Back to nature

Who hasn’t dreamt of counting sheep in the canopies? From yurts to watch towers and wooden homes overlooking the ocean, AirBnB provides properties that can bring you right back into nature. One such place is Summit Prairie in Oregon. At 40 feet up and surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife, it is the perfect spot for romantic getaways and stargazers – as long as you’re not afraid of heights.

In terms of treehouses, from the basic, the beautiful to the downright incredible, AirBnB has enough to unlock anyone’s inner child. With fairy-lights lining the walkway, beautiful antiques and sleek designs wrapped around living trees, these whimsical wonders are sure to excite and delight.

Literature lovers

How many hotels can claim to have been the summer home of famous writers? Get your literary fix and see if some inspiration will rub off on you by staying in the late, great John Steinbeck’s writing studio or summer house. Or, if you’re more of a Huxley or D.H Lawrence fan, you can rent out the cabins in Green Farm where they created some of their best works.

AirBnB do offer a certain level of insurance for their customers but it’s always best to get the right level of travel insurance for you, tailored to your specific needs. Why not get a quote online today?


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