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How To Find The Cheapest Flights

Planning a holiday may be an exciting activity, but searching for the cheapest flights on offer certainly isn’t. Any frequent flier will have endured the tiresome process of repeatedly trawling search engines and comparison sites in the hope that they’ll catch those constantly fluctuating prices at just the right time. Leave it too late and prices could go up after you’ve booked; book too early and you might miss out on a great deal later – sometimes, it can seem like it’s hard to win.

Although landing low-cost flights is not a precise science, there are a few little tricks of the travel trade you can bring into effect that might increase your chances of sealing an excellent deal. Here are a few top tips for finding the cheapest flights you can try for your next trip…

  1. Search incognito

One of the most frustrating things about searching for flights is the fact that prices can change after you’ve searched a couple of times in your browser. The reason for this is that some sites use cookies which push the flight costs up the more you search, in the hope of giving you that final push over the edge into booking. Work around this by searching for flights in private browsing or incognito mode which will reset cookies each time you open a new window. Not all sites use these tactics, but it can’t hurt to keep your searches secret.

  2. Use a comparison site

Comparison sites are one of the best ways to land the cheapest flight deal and they cut down on the hassle of trawling each site yourself. Some of the best deals can be found using Skyscanner – one of the most popular flight search engines – whilst AirFare Watchdog and Secret Flying are great for flexible travellers, thanks to the fact they source error fares and other cheap deals.

  3. Fly in the cheapest month

One of the reasons Skyscanner is so popular is that it offers a variety of search tools to help you work out the cheapest time of year to travel. In general, it is often cheaper to travel on a weekday than peak times on either side of the weekend or at the start and finish of the working week, but Skyscanner allows you to hone this down with accuracy, thanks to their ‘whole month’ search tool. Use this when you search flights to view the lowest cost per day, and book accordingly.

  4. Sign up to budget flight alerts

Ok, so although you might not get much legroom and you need to make sure you don’t over-pack, budget airlines offer some of the cheapest flights around. It’s all in the name, really. Keep up with sales and offers by signing up to price alerts – Ryanair has been known to offer frequent £10 each way flights from certain airports, while Easyjet holds regular sales. Just keep an eye on the small print as you usually have to pay extra for a larger luggage allowance and you could be charged if you don’t print out your boarding pass in advance.

  5. Be flexible with your destination

If you have your heart set on two weeks of sunshine in Mexico, you’re going to limit yourself when it comes to finding a bargain. Instead, why not use the ‘anywhere’ or ‘everywhere’ search options afforded by some airlines and search engines – Skyscanner and Ryanair both offer this service. This will show you the cheapest destinations to fly to at any given time and can be an excellent way of letting fate play a part in choosing your next holiday destination. It might just open your mind to somewhere you hadn’t previously considered as well as saving you a pretty penny, too.

Saving money while seeing the world is high on the priority list for many people who count travelling as a hobby, but one area you should not scrimp on is travel insurance. Although it can be tempting to forego the extra cost of a plan you hope not to use, if you have an accident, fall ill or experience some other unpredictable eventuality while you’re away, your dream trip could turn into a nightmare all too quickly.

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