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Mapping Queen Elizabeth II's Travels

Did you know Queen Elizabeth II has travelled to 110 countries across six continents since she ascended to the throne in 1952?

Granted she’s the longest serving British Monarch of all time, but the level of commitment to the representation of the UK she has demonstrated over that period has been nothing short of remarkable.

And at the age of 92, she’s still going strong.

Even since the turn of this decade, the Queen has found time to visit allies as far away as North America and Australia, as well as making numerous European state visits.

In celebration of this, and also in the spirit of 2018 as an important year for the Royals in general, we’ve created our very own interactive map of the Queen’s travels from the beginning of her reign right through to the present day.

Simply filter the world by:

- Continent

- Type of visit (State visit, Commonwealth visit, or both)

- The Queen’s age at the time she travelled to a particular country

Then you can click on a pin (of which there are many) and watch it expand into a detailed description of what the Queen exactly got up to in that country.

It doesn’t stop there, however.

If you scroll down past the map, you’ll find eight additional sections about Her Majesty’s travels.

Here you’ll find even more fascinating details about the Monarchy – including the Queen’s many modes of transport, her relationships with various notable allies, her famous fashion sense, and even some of the quirky gifts she’s picked up along the way.

One thing’s for sure – when you’ll come to realise that this is one remarkable 92-year-old.

And while most of us aren’t as privileged to have visited as many countries as the Queen – she is living proof that you can still have a good go at travelling the world. Even at 92!

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