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Over 50s Escorted Holidays And Tours

Some people get a huge sense of satisfaction from planning every step of their own holidays independently – others can’t think of anything worse!

If you fall into the latter camp and prefer to come up with the big ideas and inspiration whilst someone else takes care of the details, perhaps you ought to consider a hassle-free escorted break?

If you’ve ever experienced a holiday and returned with the sneaking suspicion you’ve missed out on some key experiences or unique days out, an escorted holiday could well make a suitable choice for your next big adventure. Not quite sure if they’re right for you? Here’s a little background info to help make up your mind…

What is an escorted holiday or tour?

An escorted holiday or tour is essentially a group trip, organised by an agency or specialist tour company to bring together like-minded travellers and take care of their accommodation, travel and itinerary, as well as any tickets you might need in advance.

A great number of over 50s travellers turn to an escorted holiday or tour company to take the hassle out of arranging their travel plans. They know what activities they want to do and sights they want to see and are happy to put their trip into the capable hands of the experts to ensure they have the most relaxing experience possible.

What are the benefits of an escorted trip?

Escorted holidays and tours open travellers up to a wide range of trips and destinations, including far-flung regions that might feel somewhat daunting to navigate as an independent traveller.

One of the best things about an escorted trip is that groups are generally accompanied by knowledgeable local guides with plenty of insider information about a destination. This is one of the best ways of experiencing not just the iconic sites but the hidden gems that a traveller might not necessarily know about.

Additionally, tour companies often form excellent connections within the destinations they serve – you might well enjoy discounts or priority service at certain attractions, restaurants or hotels during your visit.

Is an escorted holiday or tour suitable for a solo traveller?

Whether you are travelling in a group with a partner or want to explore the world as a solo traveller, an escorted holiday or tour can work for you. Some travel companies such as Saga and Responsible Travel specialise in escorted trips for the over 50s and even offer packages carefully designed for single travellers.

Singles trips are carefully planned to create a sociable atmosphere for those that want to mingle whilst also giving space to those that would prefer to be left to their own devices. So whether you are looking to meet like-minded travellers or enjoy some quality ‘you’ time, a singles escorted trip could be just what you’re looking for.

Which escorted holiday or tour is for me?

When it comes to escorted holidays and tours, the world is most certainly your oyster.

If sailing the high seas with the wind in your hair appeals, why not consider a cruise? Whether you’re wending your way through the magnificent fjords of Alaska or floating sedately through the ancient Nile Valley, an escorted tour will ensure you make the most of your stops and really get to know the region.

If you have a particular hobby you’d like to incorporate into your trip, a special interest holiday might well appeal. Whether you’re keen to discover the art galleries of Florence; embark on a walking holiday through the English Lake District; or embrace the history and archaeological parks of Greece, you can rely on the fact you’ll travel with new friends who share the same interests as you.

Adventure seekers might want to head further afield with a safari in Africa or trek along the famous Inca Trail of Peru. This is a sector of the market which is growing as the over 50s crowd embrace their inner explorer – take a look at companies such as Prime Adventures and Elder Treks for inspiration. Medical Travel Compared recommend The Prime Adventurer Company for help and advise on booking your escorted tour for the active over 50s.

You might even want to book your own accommodation but simply add an escorted tour or two to your holiday itinerary to ensure you really get a sense of the highlights of the area. Look into coach trips, walking tours or railway journeys and check reviews of local tour companies to ensure you pick a good one.

If you do decide an escorted holiday or tour is for you, it’s still important to look into buying your own travel insurance to ensure that you are covered against unfortunate eventualities. Medical Travel Compared helps you locate the best deal for your money, with many insurers offering protection for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

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