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The over 55's Guide to Las Vegas

When you imagine Las Vegas, it’s easy to feel transported to a city of bright lights, bustling nightlife, and non-stop action.

And who can blame you?

After all, these are the famously notorious traits of America’s ‘city of sin’, and the reason why tourists flock to the Nevada desert in their thousands every year.

Although Vegas has built up a reputation as a lively, vibrant, and (let’s face it) often debaucherous destination – it’s far from limited to people of a particular age.

In fact, anyone can travel to Las Vegas and have a great time. Provided you organise your trip sensibly, and tailor each day around your own personal interests – you’re far less likely to feel overwhelmed by this unique bucket-list destination.

For now though, this guide might be the best place to start in terms of building your ideal Las Vegas travel itinerary.

Travelling to Las Vegas

First of all, you need to think about how you get there.

Las Vegas is approximately 5,200 miles away from the UK – and if you fly direct, you’re looking at 10-hour plane journey at the very least. As long-haul flights go, that’s probably one of the biggest you can embark upon from this country.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you need to seriously consider how flying for such a long period of time might affect you. It might be worth having a chat with your GP or specialist beforehand to make them aware of your intentions to travel long-haul. They can then offer advice on how to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the duration of your flight.

There are also a number of other things you need to consider before you even board a plane. Before travelling to the US, there are various visa requirements that need to be considered.

That’s why it’s probably wise to have a quick read of our guide on travelling the USA to find out more about the immigration process and what you need to have in place before you travel.

The Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas

If Vegas is known for anything – it’s known for its iconic hotels.

Of course, different people have different things they look for in their ideal hotel – so, it’s good to know that Vegas caters for a wide variety of preferences.

Choosing the right place to stay is perhaps the most important decision to make when planning your Las Vegas holiday, so we’ve made a few suggestions of our own to help you find some inspiration…

Hotels for Relaxing

Although the Las Vegas strip is a hive of 24/7 hysteria, there are a few quiet hotels tucked away from the main drag.

The Bellagio may be home to one of the world’s most famous casinos, but it’s also one of America’s most iconic luxury resorts. With indoor botanical gardens, fountains, sculptures and an Italian-themed courtyard with no-less than five swimming pools – the romantic and relaxing ambience of the Bellagio resort is what makes it an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle.

The same applies to the Nobu Hotel. Situated within the wider Caesar’s Palace complex, this is a great place to stay if you want an immersive and calming experience with an oriental twist.

There are also more low-key and arguably lower budget options such as the Las Vegas Four Seasons or the Delano for those who prefer to keep their distance from the more flamboyant areas of the strip.

Hotels for Gambling

If you’re partial to a flutter, you won’t have to look far for somewhere to chance your arm in Vegas. In fact, you needn’t leave the hotel in many cases.

Take the MGM Grand, for example. Besides being one of the most recognisable hotels in the United States, it’s home to one of the liveliest 24-hour casinos the world has ever seen.

The Mandalay Bay Resort is also a great option for those who want to sample the full combination of high-quality hotelier service with round-the-clock gambling activity.

Hotels for Live Entertainment

Besides casinos, Las Vegas is also known as a hub of live entertainment. It’s widely accepted as the best place to catch a glimpse of some of the world’s biggest superstars – both past and present.

If you plan to see one of your favourite acts live in action, look no further than Planet Hollywood. From Celine Dion to Lionel Richie – there’s no shortage of musical legends to have graced the main stage at Planet Hollywood.

You can also see live shows at The Palms resort – which is home to the world-renowned Pearl Theatre.

The Best Activities in Las Vegas (Beyond the Strip)

Now that you’ve heard all about the various hotels on or off the Las Vegas strip – you’re probably wondering why you’d ever need to leave your resort?

Since the city is surrounded by acres of dry desert, it’s probably a fair assumption to make. However, there is a world beyond the strip – and it’s easily accessible provided you plan your trip far enough in advance.

Here’s a couple of trips that you won’t want to miss during your stay in Las Vegas…

The Ultimate Hoover Dam Tour

You can arrange to be picked up from your hotel and taken directly to the Hoover Dam, where you’ll be given a thorough tour of the area.

You’ll learn all the fascinating details in regards to the construction of this modern feat of engineering at the Hoover Dam Visitor Centre, where you’ll be able to walk across the top of the dam itself.

You can either book the tour before you arrive or check availability for booking at your respective hotel.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

If you’re more mesmerised by the natural than the man-made – then this once-in-a-lifetime day trip is for you.

You’ll be collected by helicopter in the city of Las Vegas before you flying over the canyon in this breath-taking and emotionally-moving tour.

Again, if you have reservations about travelling by helicopter due to any medical conditions you might find it worthwhile to have a frank discussion with your doctor before adding this trip to your itinerary.

Completing Your Las Vegas Itinerary

As you’ll have probably already gathered from everything above – Las Vegas holidays require careful planning and attention.

That means getting everything in place before you arrive.

Medical travel insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement when travelling to Las Vegas. It is however, a vitally important investment in terms of protecting you from any emergency medical costs that you may incur during your trip.

These costs can be quite severe in some cases – especially in the US. So, why not get a free quote today and complete your Las Vegas itinerary with a medical travel insurance policy tailored to suit you.

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