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Hay Fever Thumbnail

Travel Tips for Holidaying in Hay Fever Season

Don’t let hay fever affect your travels this summer. Here's our top tips for coping in hay fever season – including where to avoid and what to bring.

Heatstroke Thumbnail

What to Do When You Get Heat Stroke on Holiday

Ever suffered from heat stroke whilst on holiday? Find out the signs and symptoms, with information on how to treat sun stroke whilst away.

Sick On Holiday Thumbnail

5 Things to Do in Case You Get Sick on Holiday

No one likes getting sick whilst on holiday. In case that happens to you, here’s how you should prepare.

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Flying With High Blood Pressure

Do you, or does somebody close to you, have high blood pressure? It’s one of the most common long-term health conditions, affecting 1 in 3 UK adults

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What Happens If I Have A Medical Emergency When Flying?

For some travellers, travelling by plane can be a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times.

MTC Travel Health Checklist

The Ultimate Travel Health Checklist

Are you planning that holiday of a lifetime? We’ve put together an ultimate travel health checklist so that you can be as prepared as possible for your trip

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