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Cool Christmas film locations you can actually visit

Cool Christmas film locations you can actually visit

What is it about watching Christmas films? You can’t help but feel festive, nostalgic and all warm inside.

Watching, and re-watching Christmas films is a tradition for many of us. Whether it’s a golden oldie like Miracle on 34th Street or a modern-day classic like The Holiday, when it comes to festive films, we’re spoiled for choice.

But what do you do when watching a film on repeat isn’t enough to satisfy your craving for cinematic Christmas crackers? Luckily, there are plenty of film sets and locations you can visit and get a taste of the festive action for yourself.

Home Alone

If you’re looking for Christmas holiday inspiration, it doesn’t get much better than Home Alone’s sequel, Lost in New York. We defy anyone not to feel completely Christmassy spending the festive period in the Big Apple. Discover the city like Kevin, shopping (ideally with someone else’s credit card), checking out the huge Christmas tree and ice skating at Rockefeller Center and exploring Central Park (you might even spot pigeon lady).

If you want to be totally true to the film, you’ll stay in the iconic hotel, the Plaza. Feel free to clear the mini bar and order a ten-scoop ice cream sundae on room service.

Love Actually

If you still love watching Darcy – sorry, we mean Jamie – racing to declare his love for Aurelia as much as we do, then you might want to visit the restaurant where the romantic action takes place. Bar de la Marine in Marseille, France was the location for the tear-jerking scenes and not Portugal as the story suggests. If you’re looking for a loved-up Valentine’s getaway next year, this may well be the perfect place – actually.

The Holiday

Iris and Amanda do a house swap in The Holiday, and who wouldn’t want to follow suit? The exterior of Amanda’s house in LA was filmed at a real house in Pasadena, California – 1883 Orlando Road, to be precise. Unfortunately, the interior shots were filmed in a studio, but you won’t be at a loss for other things to do in the Golden State.

Or, if you love the film but want to stay closer to home, the village of Shere in Surrey was the location of Iris’ chocolate box cottage. The cottage itself doesn’t exist (the exterior was built specifically for the film) but the village, the church and the pub are there for all to see.

Bad Santa

If you’re looking for sunnier climes at Christmas, why not head to Florida and one of the locations in Bad Santa? The beach bar that Willie goes to in the film can be found on Long Beach in Miami, one block north of Ocean Blvd and just east of 54th Place. Just try not to get involved in a bar brawl while you’re there.

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