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The Best Travel Gift Ideas for 2019

We’re well and truly in the thick of Christmas shopping season, and while some people may be done and dusted as far as gift buying is concerned – it’s never too late for some last-minute inspiration.

So, if you’ve got a resident globetrotter in the family, or friends with a holiday booked in the new year then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been carefully assessing travellers needs and wants over the last year, and been taking note of all the best travel gifts for men and women as we head into the new year.

Since traveling is open to anyone, it’s probably easier than you think to find travel related gifts to suit all types – from the adventurous to the casual.

Read on… and see what you think!

Best Travel Gadgets

As technology moves so fast, it can be hard to keep track of all the best gadgets on the market.

So, instead of picking out items at the forefront of modern tech, we’ve instead turned our attention to those unique travel gifts that we know for sure will genuinely come in handy for most people.

Starting with the Skyroam Solis – you needn’t look much further for a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that also doubles up as a power bank.

This device alleviates the need for foreign sim cards and also means you won’t have to worry about incurring expensive roaming charges while you travel.

You’re not limited to a handful of potential countries, either. You’ll get 4G connectivity in over 130 worldwide destinations, so this is definitely something to consider if you’re searching for gifts for someone going travelling.   

Another useful gift we’d recommend is the Vago Travel Compressor. This smart little device actually vacuums all the excess air from inside your suitcase – compressing clothes down in size and creating additional room so you can fit more stuff in there.

It’s a great gift for someone with a tendency to return with a heavier suitcase than they left with, or even someone who likes to bring their entire wardrobe with them wherever they go.

Best Travel Gifts for The Adventurous

The adventurous traveller needs a bag of sophisticated items in their arsenal.

Finding travel presents for this type of person should be fairly straightforward. There are plenty of things out there that could be of benefit to someone who likes to go ‘off the beaten track’ as it were.

Earth Pak’s heavy duty dry bags are more than suitable for water-based activities. If you know someone partial to a spot of snorkelling, kayaking, deep-sea diving or white-water rafting then this will come in especially useful in regards to protecting their dry valuables (such as electronics).

These types of bags are also ideal for more casual settings like the beach, or even when in transit. You never know when it’s going to rain.

You also never know when you might run out of drinking water in a remote location, which is where a good water purification device comes in handy. The Steripen Ultra UV water purifier represents just that.

This is a great travel companion for those who like to wander for miles. You can treat natural water or tap water in seconds – keeping yourself hydrated and healthy as you explore uncharted territory.

Best Travel Gifts for Comfort and Wellness

You want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when you travel, and people tend to appreciate travel gifts designed to ensure that happens.

It’s particularly important to protect yourself during cold weather activities – like skiing or snowboarding.

ThermaCELL heated insoles are phenomenal foot warmers, thanks to a remote-controlled thermostat system and water-resistant fabric liner designed to keep feet protected at all times.

Just be sure to find out the feet size of whoever you’re buying the gift for before you make the purchase.

While we’re on the subject of feet – a good pair of travel slippers should never be underestimated. It doesn’t matter whether you take two flights a year or twenty-two.

The key to an enjoyable flight, or long bus journey is comfort and a decent pair of slippers can help immensely. They make for a nice ‘stocking filler’ and shouldn’t set you back too much money either.

So, in conclusion, when buying a gift for somebody going travelling – you need to bear in mind what they actually need.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy is probably too unconventional to work as a ‘travel gift’ as such. But it’s definitely a worthwhile asset for anybody about to go on holiday or travel for an extended period of time.

When you drop off their gift, why not nudge them in the direction of our single-trip and multi-trip insurance offering, where they can compare policies from a range of different reputable providers today.

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