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39% Go Skiing Without Winter Sports Insurance, Study Shows

More and more Brits are choosing take to the slopes for their winter breaks; but as the Money Facts website reports, not everybody is making sure that they are adequately insured when they go.

The article points to research conducted by Sainsbury's Travel Insurance, which shows that 39% of people planning a skiing or snowboarding trip said they did not intend to get the recommended winter sports insurance; more worryingly, a further 6% weren't planning to purchase any cover whatsoever.

In the same study, more than a quarter (27%) of respondents intended to take out regular travel insurance for their trip. However, most standard policies call for winter sports to be added to a policy in order for any claims to be valid. This means that many travellers could be faced with an unexpected bill should they have an accident during their trip.

The researchers found that even those who purchased the relevant insurance may not be fully covered. For example, journeying off-piste without a qualified instructor could invalidate your claim if you have an injury – despite this, just 29% of respondents planned to buy off-piste cover.

Unfortunately, injury is a common element of many winter sports breaks – even for those people who ski or snowboard regularly. The study found that the most common injury was knee strain, with 9% of respondents admitting to suffering from this. This was followed by 7% for broken legs or facial injuries, and 6% for an ankle sprain or dislocated shoulder.

Commenting on the findings, Scott Gorman from Sainsbury's Travel Insurance warned of the potentially major costs that can result from a winter sports injury. This, he advises, is why "getting good quality winter sports cover as a part of a travel insurance policy is just as essential as your skis and boots."

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