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ATII Joins ABTA’s Efforts To Loosen Travel Insurance Restrictions

Concerned by the increasing number of people travelling without insurance, The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has called for the government to make it easier for them to sell insurance to their customers. In the latest development, the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries (ATII) has now joined the cause, Travel Weekly reports.

Putting its weight behind the ABTA’s efforts, the organisation has conveyed similar concerns about the number of travellers – particularly younger ones – failing to take out insurance before going abroad.

It also supports the ABTA’s demands for a revision of the constraints put on agents when it comes to ensuring their customers are adequately protected. Furthermore, chairman Kate Huet has expressed the need for a widespread industry effort to raise awareness of the risks involved in travelling without insurance.

“We wholly support ABTA in their aim to allow travel agents to become more actively involved,” she stated.

“Our members support many of the larger travel agency groups, yet the market is full of small businesses for whom the cost of regulation is prohibitive and their focus is on the sale of the holiday and not the required protection for the traveller.”

With regards to younger travellers, she said that they, more than anyone, need to be advised about the necessity of insurance, and the dangers of travelling without it.

“It is a question of accessibility and priority. Travel Insurance needs to be far higher up the pre-holiday shopping list in the mind of this audience and ease of purchase needs to be achieved in order for barriers to be removed,” she explained.

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