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British Airways Apologises After IT Glitch Causes Major Delays

British Airways (BA) has apologised to passengers facing delays following an IT glitch that affected check-in desks.

Delays occurred from the check-in desks and baggage drop areas and continued out onto the tarmac where there were further delays once passengers were on the plane.

The airline released a statement that said passengers were able to check in at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports "although it is taking longer than usual".

BA encouraged passengers to check in online before arrival and as well as apologising, adding: "We are sorry for the delay to their journeys”. A statement to customers highlighted that some flights were cancelled on Monday "due to operational reasons" but that IT teams were working hard to resolve the issue.

Liv Boeree a passenger from London, spoke to the BBC and said she had queued for a flight in Las Vegas for two and a half hours. "It's now midnight and we are boarding. Check-in was long and slow. The staff handled it very well," she said.

"My boarding pass was filled out by hand. I even had a hand-written hand baggage label. Staff were updating us well. The staff were excellent. The pilot said the delays were due to a computer glitch and apologised profusely."

Delays continued across the pond with customers in several Canadian and US airports also reporting IT problems.

In July, BA issued a similar apology after an upgrade to their check-in system led to IT issues, causing long queues on one of the busiest days of the year for airports.

Trouble can strike with even the most reliable of airlines, so make sure you book your travel insurance before you fly and ensure you’re covered for cancellations and delays.

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