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Bye Bye Boarding Pass Airport Trials Facial Recognition

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is trialling new facial recognition technology that could bid a fond farewell to the humble boarding pass. It may sound high-tech, but passengers will simply need to scan their face before they get on the plane, alleviating the need for any documentation while drastically reducing airport queues. 

Travellers flying from Schiphol Airport with the Dutch airline KLM have been asked to take part in the trial. The biometric gates are set to be rolled out one at a time over the next three months, and eager passengers who want to test the new tech will have to register by scanning their face, boarding pass and passport. 

The airport is also testing out a scanner that allows laptops, liquids and other electronic items to be left inside hand luggage. 

But it’s not just Amsterdam’s airport that wants to shake things up. Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport is also testing facial recognition technology in a bid to speed up passengers going through immigration after tighter security due to recent terrorist attacks has caused delays to double. 

Australia is in the midst of a radical security overhaul, too, that aims to automate as much as 90% of its air travel processes by 2020. 

Under the scheme, passengers would be able to leave their passports at home and use their fingertips, irises and face for recognition instead. A spokeswoman for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection commented that the technology would provide efficiency for travellers “while maintaining the security of our border”.

The advancement may feel like we’ve just stepped into a sci-fi film, but there are plenty of perks. Firstly, there will be no fretting about finding your passport or printing out your boarding pass before you fly. And should you be unlucky enough to lose your passport, there would be no need for a costly replacement.

It would also mean we could say goodbye to lengthy airport queues and enjoy our holidays from the get-go. Plus, you get to feel like you’re in James Bond film – who wouldn’t want that? However, even James Bond needs stellar travel insurance! Find yours today.


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