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Could This Be The End of Free Hand Luggage?

According to The Sun, many airlines like Ryanair and British Airways are adding extra seats to their planes in a bid to reduce travel costs, but they’re not adding any extra overhead storage space.

While this means more people will be able to fly, it does present a problem for travellers who only take hand luggage. No one wants to use the hold if they can help it – it’s costly, your bags are more likely to go missing and any delicate items may be damaged in transit.

Low fare airline Ryanair reported last month that it had ordered new Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts that fit 197 passengers instead of the current maximum capacity of 189. The airline says that the only way to ensure that bags are allowed in the cabin is to pay for priority boarding.

The company told The Telegraph that Ryanair are “light years away from this.” However, a spokesperson said: “All passengers are currently allowed to carry two free cabin bags, but we may have to limit this at some point in the future if people keep showing up with two large bags each.”

Yet, if a study from earlier this year by Which? is anything to go by, more and more passengers are being forced to put their cabin bags into the hold because the overhead lockers are full. So could this be the end of the free carry-on?

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